Marketing play analysis of unfamiliar street at large the better to apprehend him reverse psycholog

[i] don’t note the network operators in the world…… Don’t…… No need…… Not…… When your ears over and over again sounded so familiar "nagging", how will you feel? This text present in micro-blog has led to a considerable number of Tucao, including Luo Yonghao, Jin Pengyuan, Gong Wenxiang, technology and marketing professionals have joined the hot camp.

Wen / Wo three

"don’t talk to strangers, don’t do anything new, live a normal life. A little timid, do not be curious, you will play, far away from the adventure, some things to think about it, no need to change. Stay where you are. You’d better stay at home and listen to the same music. Repeat the same topic. Don’t think too much, dream to be practical, don’t try anything. Live like this " read more

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From the perspective of cross border electricity supplier Ali and Amazon ecological game

text / electricity supplier new knowledge

China "double 11" just after the "black five" again, this year the two shopping Carnival Ali and Amazon’s "slight collision" may become a global business important turning point, because from this moment, the two who wins the merits. Finally, the virtual world is not against parallel, but the same dimension of the total war.


family Carnival to squeeze bad shopping "black Friday" is still unfamiliar to Chinese people, like the global consumers from this year to Chinese Ali after the listing alone Carnival silently want to chop hands "double 11". But recently, Amazon announced the "black five" version of online shopping this new shopping Carnival in Europe and the United States to Chinese four points in the afternoon of November 28th, Amazon’s China overseas purchase section on Amazon American synchronization on "black Friday" promotions, consumers will be able to use China Chinese using the Amazon site to buy goods, at the same time enjoy the relative convenient delivery and provides local customer service service China amazon. read more

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P2P how to conduct emotional marketing

Abstract: what is the feeling of marketing, I think is to find, discover, remind, others concerned, induced demand, interest, pain, cut in.

chance in a financial community to see a main question: P2P how to do marketing? I have a deep feeling, then talk about their own views, hope that we can communicate with more and better ideas.

first of all we have to know about what is called emotional marketing: emotional marketing is the consumer demand and personal feelings differences as the enterprise brand marketing strategy of emotional marketing core, by means of emotional packaging, emotion promotion, advertising, emotional feelings, emotional design and strategies to achieve business objectives. read more

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Search engine optimization column absolute & relative URL impact on site rankings

    compile: what is the "URL absolute" and "relative URL"    
– absolute path using the full URL to the specified page.  
– relative path: the use of automatic URL to the specified page. For example:    
www.yoursite.com/page1/index.html  absolute path  
/page1/index.html  it is a relative path.  
for the relative path, the browser will automatically add links in the "www.yoursite.com"   read more

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Net sales of food accused of irregularities to increase the number 1 store audit audit storm

electronic business platform sales of food, the platform bears the audit responsibility. Consumers Chen day prior to the Beijing News reporters reflect, as early as July 2014, in his shop No. 1 "Changbai Mountain landscape workshop flagship store to spend 4080 yuan to buy 1 boxes of landscape workshop Lutaigao landscape workshop and 1 bottles of Rhodiola honey, found that there are serious food safety problems". Court of first instance 1 shop lost, but he has not been compensated.

in March 10th this year, shop No. 1 reply Beijing News said on the operators to fulfill the obligations of the audit platform, should not bear the responsibility, has filed an appeal. Beijing News reporter found that this is not the first time the number 1 store into a net food storm. read more

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Wangzhuan industry for more than two years with the couple talk about experience

Do Wangzhuan

has been more than two years, from a higher rookie to now, experienced frustrations, and also won the progress and achievements, there have been some words to talk about a couple of new hope, people don’t follow my steps and avoid some mistakes made due to lack of experience and take some detour.

remember when I first contact Wangzhuan, like many newcomers to some Wangzhuan station and forums to find Wangzhuan, have also attracted some of the so-called "day to earn hundreds of thousands of" advertising, so once fantasized "good" in the future, then I would like to: the original Wangzhuan so easily. Now think then the idea is very naive, here are warned that the so-called "day to earn a few hundred" confused new friends, in fact, the so-called "day to earn a few hundred" Wangzhuan project although it is logical, but is in fact outdated Wangzhuan project, that is to say once can indeed money really can earn hundreds, but at that time no one will be open these secrets, because any business opportunities, more people do, the more intense competition, the more difficult it is to make money. As the saying goes: there is no wall. The project has been more and more see and use the Wangzhuan master, to the last day to earn a few hundred to become once brilliant. At the end of the day to earn a few hundred "projects are being used to sell" Wangzhuan cultural relics". read more

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Seal domain higou com network enable the creative construction of cross border electronic business p

renamed China (eName.cn) February 26th news, recently, seal net cross-border electronic business platform enabled creative domain name higou.com on the line, the domain name price 150 thousand yuan.


: seal


domain of higou.com can be regarded as the "Hi" + "Gou" combination of creative domain, can be translated as "Hi sea purchase, purchase, seal and other means, to build overseas purchasing business platform is very suitable. Through the "China whois information query, higou.com domain name registration in 2008, the current registered information display Ningbo hi purchase Internet technology co.. It is reported that the seal is an import commodity sale site, shipped directly from the domestic bonded area, safe and fast. read more

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Teach you a few strokes easy to get rid of the campus WeChat platform promotion

campus market is always an outdated market, regardless of the former campus network, or later in the curriculum, fought the exploration of campus business model, this paper focuses on the campus of WeChat public promotion platform. Before doing this we need to set up an outline:

1 target user

campus public face is the number of students in the school (the main user), part of the graduates (potential users), part of the upcoming students (new users).

we analyze the characteristics of three types of users read more

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Taobao mall by rival poaching Tencent Dangdang give emergency small businesses

October 14th morning news, Taobao mall remains trapped in confrontation and small sellers, its competitors to high-profile small businesses olive branch: Tencent mall said security costs far lower than Taobao, and do not accept the technical service fee. The Dangdang issued a high-profile announcement that it will not increase the cost of platform management.

this game because of substantial price increases caused by the storm, let Taobao mall these days face small sellers attack brand business’s troubles, malicious attacks continued in the case of small sellers, Taobao mall is faced with "foreign aggression", competitors have to stand at this high-profile small sellers, intended to draw more small merchant. read more

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A new algorithm of Google and Yahoo rank who are more benevolent

      here is a tool for comparing Yahoo and Google ranking results. Yahoo and Google ranking results compared to the blue dot represents the same site in two sites of different rankings. The two ends of the line with a blue dot is the same site, the mouse can be seen above. And all the lines did not show parallel lines, shows the same website ranking in different search engines, this experiment tell us, take Yahoo and Google in technology is two completely different algorithms, which is the king who dared to say! Because these two sites do belong to the world’s leading institutions in the world. read more

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