Granger generation prepared to betray younger generation

first_imgDear Editor,What “34GATE” has illustrated is that the Granger generation is prepared to betray the younger generation that has to inherit the future. This naked attempt to ignore the Constitution illustrates why the rest of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) continues to disrespect Guyanese youths.Why should the Caricom headquarters be in Guyana, a nation that does not respect basic democracy and the rule of law?If a poll is done today, it will demonstrate that the majority of the youths who constitute more than 65 per cent of the population are in total agreement with the fact that 33 is greater than 32 and it is an absolute majority in a 65-member Parliament. This stuff is basic arithmetic that we have learnt in high school. It is not our fault that the Granger generation chooses to ignore us and now that they know we the youths are not available to them anymore, they want to stay in power by extra-constitutional means. It is time for the elections Mr Granger.The self-interest of this Granger generation is self-evident as we all are witnessing their dastardly plan to keep power by whatever means necessary. As one of the Alliance For Change (AFC) Ministers said in a correspondence to his group that was forwarded to me, “we cannot be in Government and not retain power by any means necessary”. Well if the AFC can do this, guess what the People’s National Congress (PNC) will do? Since the PNC was born out of dictatorship, then we must understand that it is in the DNA of the PNC to be dictatorial and to trample on the idea of democracy.Today the nation has to be aware of these so-called liberal democrats in the AFC who have morphed into being liberal dictators as they copy the ways of the PNC. That is why I am so afraid of all the third forces, be it the Amerindian party or the Ramkarran/Jeffrey party. Wasn’t the AFC saying all the right things in its incubatory stages? But look at them today – the AFC is no better than the PNC with their dictatorial mannerism.Was it not the AFC who said they were going to deliver constitutional reforms in this Granger Administration and they were going to advance the process materially within 100 days? Over 1000 days have passed and the constitutional reform process is dead on arrival under the feet of Basil Williams and Moses Nagamootoo.So why do you think that Ramkarran and Jeffrey or Shuman will be any different? All we will be getting from them from now to the elections are slogans since they do not have a plan to actually implement anything in the real world in which we all have to live in.It is people like these that bring so much disrespect to the legal community and academia. They are driven by their obsession with power and their years in power. Why on earth two old men like Ramkarran and Jeffrey would want to run for office when they are way past their best by date?Beware Guyana! Beware of the PNC and AFC and beware of these entire Johnny come lately satellites of the PNC.Sincerely,Surujdai Lilmohanlast_img read more

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