Pedro Morilla: “We want to leave now. Our health is at stake”

first_img“The risk of the coronavirus reaching Spain is high” “We are still waiting for you to tell us how and when we are leaving.” They are the words of Pedro Morilla, one of the Spaniards that continues in Wuhan, the focus of a coronavirus that has already left 132 dead and more than 6,000 infected. The sports director of Wuhan Shangwen Three Lions, whose quarry surpassed that of First Division teams and was chosen only a few weeks ago as the best in China, faces the seventh day of recruitment in the hope of returning soon to Spain. “We want to leave now. Our health is at risk and we need to return home. When the situation returns to normal we will return to Wuhan to continue our work,” he discovers.Morilla says that both he and all the Spaniards around him – “nine coaches, the wife of a partner and two children of two years and three months respectively” – have followed all the indications of the Chinese government: “Society in general it is behaving in an exemplary way. we have been locked up for seven days in a private residential and we only left at first to buy food. “The Spanish says that the greatest moments of nervousness took place a week ago:” On the 22nd we trained normally and the closing of the city caught us by surprise. We found out on television and, for fear of the unknown, we went out to buy supplies. “Pedro Morilla is aware that, upon his return to Spain, he must undergo “the necessary medical checks”. “We want to return because, when our professional activity is paralyzed, we don’t paint anything here. But we don’t want to be a problem either. We demand that we demonstrate that we are well and do not carry the virus inside. We hope to be treated effectively, “adds the Sevillian, sorry for the situation in a city as” cheerful “as Wuhan.” It is positive that everyone is at home complying with government regulations so that the virus does not spread, but it’s a shame to see her like that, “he completes. Yes he got back to Spain Roberto Mickel, Director of Analysis of Shenzhen FC. The canary, already at home, lives worried about all the news that comes from China: “They tell me that the police had to go to my neighborhood for three people suspected of having the disease. People are hiding the first symptoms because they fear suffering a common cold and contracting the coronavirus in the hospital. “Roberto reveals that, to prevent the spread of the virus, the Shenzhen government will compensate with 39 euros daily to all people who contract the disease or are awaiting the results. “In my city there are already 80 cases, but a nurse friend tells me that there are many more of those who communicate,” he adds.Shenzhen is located in the Perl River Delta, a region the size of Extremadura that has a joint population that exceeds those of Canada and Australia together. More of 65 million people located in the path of all who yearn to reach Hong Kong, where free care is provided to those affected by the coronavirus. “It is dangerous because in the area there are many people who are passing through. If they have the virus and they make such trips they can leave a lot of infections along the way,” reveals Roberto Mickel. Spanish is “surprised” by how easy it was to reach Spain. “When you leave China they don’t make you any control. They seem to think ‘if you have the virus and want to go out salt, they will stop you somewhere else’. I escaped in the Emirates and when we arrived in Spain we did not pass any inspection. It is true that the flight did not come directly from China, but there are few who do not stop because it is much cheaper. I think the risk of getting here is very high, “he says.In football, China is paralyzed. The AFC announced today that the Chinese teams will play the first three days of the Asian Champions League away from home. “About the Super League, which should start on February 22, we still have no news. Maybe the games are played behind closed doors or the start of the championship is postponed. They will also restructure the Cup, which seems to reduce the number of participating teams “, reveals Roberto Mickel, concerned about the situation of many of his countrymen. “What worries me most is the situation of the many Spaniards who work in Chinese grassroots football. If the parents decide to withdraw their children, the clubs will have losses and they may be left without work,” he says.center_img Roberto Mickellast_img read more

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