Swedish National Deported from Colombia, Convicted for Drug Trafficking in Sweden

first_imgBy Dialogo March 13, 2013 Jonas Sture Oredsson, a Swedish national who was expelled by the Colombian authorities from Colombia in December 2010, was sentenced to 18 years in prison for drug trafficking by the Swedish justice system. The Scandinavian country’s legal authorities considered that 40-year-old Oredsson was leading a group responsible for smuggling over a ton of cocaine that was seized by the French authorities off the coast of Martinica. The court sentenced Mauritz Andersson, the only person aboard the boat where the cocaine was seized in 2010, to 14 years of prison given the “exceptionally large scale” of the crime. Two other men were also tried for a failed attempt to smuggle 700 kilos from Colombia to Sweden, a 30-year-old who was sentenced to eight years and a 33-year-old who got one year in prison. In December 2010, the Colombian Intelligence and Immigration Service announced the deportation of Oredsson, “since he was wanted for drug trafficking by the authorities in Sweden, where he is considered the leader of an organization that smuggles huge amounts of cocaine from South America to Europe.”last_img read more

Fort St John Huskies win first game of new year over JDA County Kings

first_imgThen with 3:56 left in the game, Gary Loewen would score a goal, with assists by Alex Nimmo and Brady Marzocco, making the final score 6-4 over the Kings.Up next, tonight, the Huskies will be home again as they host the Sexsmith Vipers. Puck drop is 8:00 p.m. at the North Peace Arena. To make things a bit tricky for the Huskies, at 5:31 into the period, the Kings would score a goal making the game tied at three apiece.To reclaim the lead, at 7:52 into the frame, Ivan Jasbec would score a goal, with assists by Dawson Phillips and Conrad Wiebe, making the score 4-3 over the Kings.Fast forward to 9:11 into the third period, Alex Nimmo would score a goal, with a double assist by Gary Loewen and Jeridyn Loewen, making the score 5-3.Within the last 10 minutes remaining in the frame, the Huskies had suffered a couple of penalties. During that time, at 7:28 left in the period, the Kings would take advantage of the power play, making the score 5-4.Advertisement FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Fort St. John Huskies were home last night, Friday, January 3, as they were host to the JDA County Kings for the first game of the new year.At 8:23 remaining in the first period, the Kings would score the first goal of the game making the score 1-0 over the Huskies.Then at 49 seconds left in the frame, Dean Whitcomb would score a goal on the Kings, with assists by Nick Loewen and Nils Nemec, making the score tied at one apiece.- Advertisement -To finish off the period, Logan Kimmie, with 23 seconds remaining, would score a goal, with a double assist by Nick Loewen and Nils Nemec, making the score 2-1 over the Kings.At 1:11 into the second period, Jared Winkel would make an unassisted goal on the Kings making the lead 3-1 over the Kings.Then at 2:53 into the frame, the Kings would score a goal on the Pups which would set the score at 3-2.Advertisementlast_img read more

People should be aware of live music

first_imgDelivered fresh from The Netherlands, the Spinifex Orchestra were in town recently to rock the Capital. Not adhering to your usual larger-than-life orchestra concept, the four-musician band gave the city a taste of the live music experience. We caught up with them about their India story, performing in Delhi, plans for the future and more. Here are excerpts: Tell us a bit about yourselves. A little history. Where did Spinifex Orchestra start from? Was there an idea behind the conception of a tradition that brought it about? Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’It all started with a band called Bhedam. A band which consisted of four musicians from The Netherlands and two percussionists from Bangalore. It was way back in 2001 and 2002 that we had collaborated with Indian musicians and it had taught us a lot. We took lessons from Jahanavi Jaiprakash, but it all changed with her sad demise in 2002. That was of the end of Bhedam. But the rest of the orchestra members felt the need of a larger band and thus in 2006, Spinifex was formed. It was a nine-piece band originally. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with Netflix We were involved with different projects and that is how Spinifex grew. There were a couple of other bands namely — Tubaband, Indian Spinifex — which we had formed as a part of our crossover with Indian musicians. We finally thought we need to be flexible as a regular orchestra and finally a smaller band with five members were formed. How many members and how long have you performed together?Well it is a five-member band with Tobias Klein on the saxophone, Jasper Stadhoulders on the guitar, Goncalo Almeida on the bass, Philipp Moser on the drums and Gijs Levelt on the trumpet. But Gijs isn’t touring India with us this time and we miss him a lot. We have been playing together for three years now. How has India treated you so far? Is this your first India tour?We all like India very much. It has always been great to come here and perform. Tobias is touring India for the fifth time but it’s the first tour for the others. How has Delhi treated you?This place (India Habitat Centre) is unlike other places I have seen in India before. I had been to Khan Market the last time I toured India and that place was quite impressive. Delhi has always been warm to us and has shown tremendous support throughout. What sort of audience and feedback are you expecting from Delhi?(Laughs) Well you saw that! People who enjoy live music and want to experience it first hand.What plans for 2013 and what plans post Delhi? We are recording next week in Amsterdam. We’ll be touring Portugal in July. Various tours and events are lined up in The Netherlands after that.Do you find takers in this age of electronic dance music and pop? People are always curious to hear new things and that is always going to be the case. There are audiences who prefer to experience live music.Do people need to be made more aware about orchestra music?People should be made aware about live music. The culture is picking up fast. Experiencing live music is very important in the rapidly evolving music environment. Has there been a shift in the trend of how orchestras were perceived earlier and nowadays?Not really, if you ask me. There is no distinction between orchestra music and music with singing.last_img read more

Learn to apply sweatproof makeup

first_imgFrom outlining before applying lipstick, using powder blush instead of cream to using primer regularly, just a few tweaks in your beauty regime can give you a long-lasting and sweat-proof look, says an expert.  Here are some tips for long lasting make-up during the monsoon. * Use a matte bronzer during monsoon rather than one with shimmer. Avoid any make-up product with shimmer. Neutral tones of eye shadow, cheeks and lips, peach tones that reflect healthy skin are a big yes.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’* Outline your lips first before applying lipstick, to prevent bleeding due to humidity. Use creamy lipsticks which are nourishing to avoid using a gloss on top. * Use a concealer followed by loose powder or compact as a base for the eye shadow. This will make your eye shadow stay, also without creasing. If you need to cover spots, use a concealer instead. Do not forget to seal it with powder or loose powder to set it well. * After cleansing, toning and moisturising, always use a primer before applying make-up to make it long wear. Make sure this primer is with matte finish and lasts longer without making your skin greasy.  Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with Netflix* Use powder blush instead of cream or gel ones in monsoon specially. Use powder eye shadows instead of cream, and gel. Powder make-up tends to crease less and stay longer. Lip or cheek tints are a good idea for summers or monsoon as well, since its light weight and gives a natural hint of colour.* Avoid heavy make-up, dark eyes in monsoon – smokey eyes is a no! Curl your lashes and use a waterproof mascara instead of a regular one to prevent smudging. Fresh colours of pink, red, orange, light brown and nude are great for the season.last_img read more

Get the right shoe size while shopping online

first_imgThe biggest concern for shoppers while buying shoes online is the right size. Though the size chart is universal but the manufacturing of each brand differs from the other, which becomes a challenge to shop footwear online so make sure you are making this task hassle free by keeping in mind few steps. Experts list some tips to buy the accurate shoes online and avoid the unnecessary back and forth of the purchase.4Check the size chart: One of the most crucial aspects of buying footwear online is determining the size. Therefore it is very essential to measure the foot and follow the size guide that every online shopping websites offer. There are five types of measurements you usually get to see online that is size in centimetres, UK number, US number, EU number and size in inches. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf4Measurement of feet: It is of utmost importance to take the correct measurement of your feet before online shopping. It is observed mostly one foot is larger than the other, so measuring the larger foot is recommended. This way you won’t get stuck with a pair of ill-fitting, painful shoes that you won’t wear.4Size variation with different footwear: It is imperative to measure your feet with socks which will increase the size by half an inch while buying sneaker. Likewise, when you are trying on winter boots, make sure you have thick socks that you would probably wear with the boots during winters. Whereas this logic will be different while buying other styles of footwear like heels and sandals. Socks can make a big difference in sizing. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsive4Opt for the safer brands: Over the time mostly people become loyal to few brands and rely on their comfort and quality. Ideally experimenting with different brands and styles is always a good idea. However, it is always better to get the look and feel of the new brand via traditional shopping route.4Inconsistent sizing within the same brand: Most brands, especially Indian brands, do not have consistent sizing based on standard body sizes. You may fit into a size S of one style of the brand and size M of another style of the same brand. This becomes trickier online since you will engage in process of exchange and returns. Another common thing with Indian brands (and local small vendors) is that their sizes are one size smaller than global size charts (i.e. a size M of Indian/local apparel brand is usually in line with size S of international brands). Since most buyers were initially introduced to Indian brands before the launch of international brands, they mistakenly order as per their knowledge of Indian brands and therefore end up getting a larger size than their actual requirement (And again return/exchange gets triggered). Ideally, the online platforms need to have a size chart comparison among brands. 4Conflict in sizes between the chart and actual product: The size charts published for every garment in online stores are not consistent with “actual” product size. In other words, many products have incorrect size chart as no detailed diligence is done at SKU (Product) level while uploading lakhs of products in these stores. They are usually standard guide charts for the brand and since there are 1000’s of SKUs for a given brand, you end up seeing variations in sizes and fits across SKUs for same brand.last_img read more