Virtual son rain Shanghai dragon we need to do what others can not do

an article in front of I speak a little, we do Shanghai dragon is to do service, to do service most afraid of things that customers are not satisfied, the customer is not satisfied for us is a blow, no matter in the confidence or is not a small loss in economy. Although the customer not God, but we also need to consider for the customer, because I think this is the foundation of our foundation. Here’s what I’m talking about someone else can do things to give everybody talking about the first point: give customer commitment will bring benefits. read more

The web anchor Wendian distribution is more conducive to ranking

was here a few keywords and add anchor text, then you can, in the middle of the place such as company profiles are generally in the centre, I add other page anchor text, or add some of the less important keyword anchor text, but will naturally pursue, then where is the copyright I want to add on the anchor point, if there Links added, I may dilute some of the copyright here, the basic home is so treated.

we all know, is simply in the above keywords plus links, but is the link to your website ranking often played a decisive role. read more

Google webmaster tools to increase the search function pop up appearance

, a new navigation:

help Google better understand your index content at the same time this may affect your web search results in the performance. This includes labeling tool of structured data, data highlighter, improve the website links and HTML.


(2) Google index

two, the appearance of pop-up windows:

> three


Google Webmaster Tools navigation has been optimized are combined, can be synchronized with the web search on the Internet in the situation, let the webmaster can more accurately understand the health status of their own website. read more

For Links to say Shanghai is not important snapshot

is a screenshot of the site is 9.9, and if your website snapshot has been number 10 (today No. 11) so that you may love the site have been Shanghai crawl, but now the site does not exist the index value, the simple point that you Links this "vote" is still in love Shanghai did not become the index database. Your vote has been ratified, and his vote do not know what time can take effect! You and Links backward people exchange is not eating.

algorithm index value is called a snapshot of the search engine ranking rules are not released, but the current observation is not updated snapshot of the site, until that day snapshot update ranking will fluctuate or say they have an indirect relationship rather than the direct relationship between the inevitable. read more

How to check whether the site was K


made the website will have data display

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

secondsWebsite optimization

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

two, the domain name is K




, a domain name query do website


open the 贵族宝贝 input you want to check the domain name and press Take Me Back

user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

method is as follows: read more

Li Kaifu let me help you start your business and realize the value of the world is different for yo

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sh419 alliance helps partners achieve success in their respective fields.

from the occupation manager to entrepreneur

A senior

sh419 alliance development from

in August 2009, 4 years of contract Li Kaifu and shlf1314. In the shlf1314 Corporation willing to sign him and gave him a $14 million stock case, Li Kaifu chose to leave shlf1314 China, founder of innovation works.

1 online banking system returns, member list is as follows: read more

How is the general construction site outside the chain

, the less well-known SNS community

photo sharing websites is a rising field in recent years, as long as the installation of the site in the browser favorites in the plug-in, you can take some pictures whenever and wherever possible on your site to share these platforms, and take pictures of the source link. For more pictures website, absolutely can not miss such a platform. At present, several well-known sites are petals, excuses, I love, whisper, happy collection. At the same time because this type of website to share properties is relatively strong, so the search engine might think that the real meaning of higher recommendation. You can refer to 贵族宝贝, the author in the optimization of the site, collected a number of photo sharing websites, so that the chain structure on the website, but can find some pictures to share platform. read more

A good website optimization technique is the site weight gas station

space is stable, the path is standard, the layout is standard, whether the structure has level, the title is reasonable, these are the basis of website optimization. As the saying goes, Great oaks from little acorns grow., only the basic optimization is done, it is more conducive to weight lifting.


editor: the learning website optimization and promotion of professional website — Taking   www.xuanxue贵族宝贝   , the content is very good, learning network marketing, website promotion friends must not miss. read more

Google launched a hummingbird algorithm to celebrate the 15 birthday


15th anniversary, the company emphasizes the development of future steps in the roadmap: intelligent function. All these services will exceed the function provided by the noble baby Now. At present, the role of design in the mobile area is larger than the desktop, there are two innovations specifically return answers, rather than the result: a new comparison engine and better filter — the latter can help users achieve a more natural dialogue through mobile devices and Google.

development read more

Discussion how to optimize the website pages

three, column page. About the structure design, mainly divided into single page and portal two.

The structure design of Two, the optimization scheme of

1, a single page. In the single page design, to highlight the main content of related pages. In the design can be used in the two column, column, column supplement.

3, the optimization direction. About the direction of optimization, site optimization direction of different types are different. For example, enterprise station, application of long tail keywords in the column to hold in place, because it will affect the subsequent development of the website. If is the gateway station, proposed the optimization direction of up to my home to optimize. read more