Results of anti pollution treatment Gong stretch new achievements

The day before, Municipal Committee and Secretary Ma Haiying in the city’s pollution control supervision work stressed that all relevant regions and departments should be based on the results of the consolidation of pollution control, and vigorously promote the task, to ensure that no rebound, timely rectification of the problems identified, with a high sense of responsibility, solid work style, to promote the city’s pollution control work depth development.

June 18th, July 3rd, Ma Haiying led the Municipal Supervision Bureau, municipal supervision room, office and other departments responsible for the city atmosphere, successively in the oil gas station, 61 bridge in Huangyuan County, Huangzhong County Ganhetan coal area, DOPA centralized trading market, on-site supervision and inspection of air pollution remediation work. For oil and gas recovery and reconstruction work, Ma Haiying pointed out that in the oil, Sinopec as a state-owned enterprises, to participate in the Xining pollution control work to fulfill the social responsibility of the enterprise in pollution control, to complete the task of transformation by the time node gas station. For the protection of the water source of dopa, Ma Haiying requirements, Huangzhong should attach great importance to the protection of water sources, water sources to improve the surrounding environment for the people to provide safe and healthy drinking water. In the inspection and improvement of the environment around Tonghai sand factory, Ma Haiying stressed that Huangzhong county is currently on the gravel plant remediation achieved initial results, the next step according to the remediation program, to open the pit dug backfill as soon as possible, according to the provisions relating to rehabilitation, public facilities to restore the original appearance of the land, as soon as possible to eliminate hidden dangers, to ensure the safety of public facilities and smooth. At the same time, crack down on illegal mining behavior, and strict accountability of cadres of the problem. read more

Tailor made wedding market

to get married this sacred moment, a lot of people in life only have once, so have a wedding dress has become a common practice of many people now, but if you go to the store to buy it, there is always this or that the shortcomings, so now has become tailored countless people’s choice, bring the development of the market and the new industry.

with intention to become the most beautiful bride, is every girl’s dream. A few years ago, to have one’s own wedding dress is a very luxury thing, but now with the improving of living standard and the change of consumption concept, the wedding is coming into the young fashion crowd wardrobe, but witnessed great life the most wonderful moment. read more

Xining City East District 141 households do not have housing for low income housing worry

city to ease the housing difficulties of low-income families, to ensure that the party and the government’s public policies, this year, the east area of Xining city housing to meet the conditions of the 141 households enjoy the city issued a total of low income low rent housing rental subsidies to 3 million 551 thousand yuan, to achieve Yingbaojinbao, make no real subsistence farmers are real live.

it is reported that low-cost housing rental subsidies to enjoy the conditions are: enjoy the urban subsistence households without housing; enjoy the city’s affordable housing households, the housing estates identified by the identification of the dangerous house. Rental subsidies declaration procedures for: the conditions to apply for subsidies in line with the family, through the streets and community identification, the Civil Affairs Department of civil affairs, audit, publicity, the construction sector review, distributed to the hands of low-income families. (author: Zhou Jia Quanjun)
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Xining City the establishment of a harmonious doctor patient relationship demonstration activities

to carry out activities to create a harmonious doctor-patient relationship demonstration zone, is an important part of building a socialist harmonious society, to deepen the reform of the medical and health system, and promote sound and rapid development of health, has very important significance to maintain social harmony and stability. In order to further implement the creation of a harmonious doctor-patient relationship demonstration area activities of various tasks, and work together to build a harmonious doctor-patient relationship, we suggest:
A, conscientiously implement the "Xining city" in 12th Five-Year "to deepen the medical and health system planning and implementation plan", "on the development of creating a harmonious doctor-patient relationship demonstration area activities implementation opinions" and municipal government leaders of the important speech, to fully understand the significance of activities to create a harmonious doctor-patient relationship demonstration area, to accurately grasp the direction, content and activities to create goals, actively participate in practical activities in the region to create a demonstration to create work, earnestly shouldering the responsibilities and mission, and strive to form a multi departments make concerted efforts the community to actively participate in and promote the harmonious and harmonious environment is a good situation for all.
two, all levels of government and relevant departments to further strengthen the government run health responsibility, increase health investment, establishing and perfecting the compensation mechanism, speeding up the construction of medical and health service system, raise the level of basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents, to promote the equalization of public health services, accelerate the construction of the medical information service network, improve the level of information service, the convenience of the masses a doctor for medical treatment, to lay a solid foundation for the city’s health reform and development and create a harmonious doctor-patient relationship.
three, medical and health institutions at all levels to strictly implement the medical and health management laws, administrative regulations, medical treatment and nursing practice, firmly establish the quality and safety responsibility consciousness, strengthen the medical safety management, prevent the occurrence of medical accidents. We will further optimize the service process, simplify the procedures for medical treatment, reduce medical costs, improve the transparency of medical and health services, and actively accept social supervision. All the medical workers should give full play to the role of the main force, to firmly establish the people-oriented and patient-centered service concept and health services for the people wholeheartedly purpose, vigorously carry forward the life-saving humanitarian spirit, adhere to the rational examination, medication, reasonable treatment, with superb medical skill and noble medical ethics to provide patients with personalized service, consciously protect the health of the masses, contribute to social harmony.
four, the whole society should respect the results of the medical staff work, maintain the order of the normal work of medical institutions, protect the legitimate rights and interests of doctors and patients. All sectors of the community to participate in the construction of medical dispute mediation mechanism, the establishment of a fair communication and consultation platform, smooth channels of patient demand, and properly resolve disputes between doctors and patients, to eliminate disharmony factors. Doctors and patients should understand each other, strengthen communication, enhance consensus. Patients should face up to the laws of medicine and understanding, support the normal medical treatment activities, and medical staff work together to overcome the disease.
Comrades! Municipal Party committee and government for the development of the city’s health industry has drawn a grand blueprint, pointed out the direction. Looking back on the past, we shine brightly in the dedication; looking to the future, our cause in the development of prosperity; in the face of opportunities, our mission is glorious and difficult; read more

West 24 proposals to promote the unity of the people’s livelihood

February 26th, the reporter in the City HS West Seventh Session of the fourth meeting of the committee was informed that, as of the end of 2013, the 24 pieces of the proposal review the filing office complex have been completed, completion rate of 87.5%, member satisfaction rate of 96%.

it is understood that the West District, the district government attaches great importance to the proposal for the work of the district CPPCC proposals to support the implementation of functions, which effectively affect the livelihood of the masses has been highly valued. In order to strengthen the construction site management of vehicles, reducing dust, soil pollution Street problems, the relevant departments in the west district based comprehensive examination of the building land excavation qualification, strict construction of road hardening, flushing out of the vehicle, set up checkpoints on Xichuan Road, the implementation of 24 hours of inspection, at the same time, increase the cleaning vehicle input, increase the frequency of watering the streets during the day in summer, shorten the watering time interval, effective governance of the dust pollution in building construction. The advice on government to adopt square art groups device support views, last year, the district government invested 200 thousand yuan for the local masses art groups equipped with equipment, and 5 villages for the activities. In order to better the construction of "Western peace" and "the rule of law, the western" new 600 HD probe, covering the region 13 street and 89 street lanes, the crime prevention and control system to further improve the deterrent to criminals, enhance the people’s sense of security. read more

The city’s government hospitals to create smoke free units

In order to thoroughly implement the "Xining Smoking Control Ordinance", to better carry out "the Framework Convention on tobacco control work, to protect the health of the masses, the formation of a good social environment of national tobacco control, smoking cessation, promote the city to create a national civilized city work. The day before, Xining City Office of tobacco control in public places in the city at all levels of Party and government organs, enterprises and institutions, such as schools and hospitals launched the first smoke-free units activities.
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The spring rain Qingming under second

yesterday, the provincial capital ushered in the first spring rain this spring, although the rainfall is small, but people still in the rain a breath of fresh air. I learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, Qingming Festival that day, the city will have a precipitation process.

it is understood that in April 4th (Ching Ming Festival), by the impact of strong cold air, coupled with air relative humidity conditions conducive to precipitation, precipitation in some areas of Xining. At the same time, according to the municipal meteorological observatory forecast, 4 days of the city there are about 5 north wind, the temperature will drop 6 to 8 DEG C., mainly during cloudy weather. In addition, the minimum temperature in the urban area has fallen below zero, up to zero, the next three days the minimum temperature of 3 degrees, the maximum temperature of 20 degrees C. (author: Kim and
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Xining various types of volunteers up to 91 thousand and 700 people

Xining is currently a total of 91 thousand and 700 registered volunteers, forming a youth as the main force of the diversified volunteer service team pattern.

year, Xining city volunteer organizations at all levels around advocate civilization and build a harmonious society as the goal, and actively carry out the "Lei Feng" series of voluntary service activities, volunteers took to the streets, communities, rural areas "Harmonious Community Volunteer Service Act", "construction of green Internet, pay attention to minors," "Youth Red Ribbon", "civilized behavior", "three to the countryside", "love green, green, green, the mother river protection and civilized persuasion series theme of voluntary service activities. At the same time, and actively provide legal advice for the interests of the masses, propaganda, maintenance therapy and other special clinic meaning of volunteer service, and strive to make the theme of deepening and development, in the whole society advocate the civilization, added impetus to the construction of a harmonious Xining. read more

Xining East District was national harmonious community building demonstration city title

recently, the Ministry of civil affairs of the second National Award for the construction of harmonious community demonstration unit, Eastern District of Xining city "award at the national harmonious community construction demonstration city, to become the province only award of the city.

in recent years, Eastern District of Xining city to create "national harmonious community" as the goal, to create a "community service brand" as the starting point, to further reinforce the foundation, deepen the connotation, the efforts of the new construction of harmonious community resident autonomy, orderly management, perfect service, good order, beautiful environment, civilized and peaceful, explore the establishment of a "the new community organization committee, two center, home, community". The first will be transformed into a community of "one-stop" service as a "cabinet" service mode, the staff will change from "management" to "service", realize the work process more optimized, public service efficiency is greatly improved, the community service is more close to the optimization effect of the masses, improve the efficiency of community service. read more

Qinghai start a comprehensive health care reform pilot

to further increase the intensity of reform, to explore and summarize the experience and mode of health care reform this year, the state chose Qinghai and other four provinces to carry out a comprehensive health care reform pilot. February 10th, the provincial government held a meeting to start the implementation of the pilot work, the deployment of related work. Qinghai Province State approved "comprehensive deepening medical and health system reform pilot program", adhere to the "General requirements for basic security, a strong grass-roots level, building mechanism, promote the overall development of medical insurance, medical and coordinated development, efforts to promote the reform of the main tasks in the following seven aspects, effectively solve the masses difficult and expensive to see a doctor far", and strive to build an upgraded version of health care reform bonus, let the people of all nationalities inclusive. The comprehensive reform of deepening the reform of public hospitals in
to further deepen the public hospitals at the county level, the reform and perfect setting. In 2015, especially in the management system, compensation mechanism, the allocation of medical resources, performance appraisal mechanism to achieve new results. Strengthen the talent, technology, key specialty core service ability construction, realize the hospital management legalization, scientific, standardized and refined, informatization, county residents can bear the common disease diagnosis and treatment, emergency rescue and difficult disease referral tasks, the basic realization of serious illness county. To carry out comprehensive reform of public hospitals in the state, in 2015 Third People’s Hospital of Xining First People’s Hospital, Second People’s Hospital, people’s Hospital of Hainan City, East Sea, Haibei Prefecture People’s Hospital, the first people’s Hospital, the second people’s Hospital, West Qinghai People’s Hospital, Golmud People’s Hospital, Huangnan people’s Hospital, people’s Hospital of Yushu, Guoluo Prefecture People’s hospital to carry out comprehensive reform work. Explore the basic way to form public hospital reform. Provincial public hospital reform into the reform of public hospitals in Xining city to promote synergy. Scientific and rational planning and development of public hospitals. The establishment of modern hospital management system, in line with the characteristics of the medical industry personnel salary system, scientific performance evaluation mechanism. Innovative medical convenience service model.
perfect classification treatment system function and make disease diagnosis and treatment scope of different level medical institutions. Optimize the structure of the medical insurance fund expenditure, the proportion of reimbursement between different levels of medical institutions. To carry out the first diagnosis system of outpatients. Improve the relationship between general practitioners and residents contract services, in 2015 the province signed a number of more than 60%. Actively promote the formation of medical association. Exploring the integrated management of rural medical service. To strengthen the supervision and evaluation of medical institutions at all levels of medical behavior.
optimization to improve the universal health care body; read more