Xining City West District moral lecture August will highlight the opening

Recently, the reporter from the civilization of the West District of Xining City Office learned that in order to strengthen the citizen moral construction, promote the pace of creating a civilized city, and strive to enhance the citizen moral quality, from the beginning of August, the west area of the town in 1, the 5 district offices and 20 communities set up a "moral lecture," organized by the west area of morality forum "," moral micro-blog "," moral people say "and other activities, let the people around talk around things, people speak their own things, things around to teach people around," a talk about morality, learning around a model upsurge in the West area.

"six" or "sing a song:" every time before the commencement, organizations learn to sing the theme song "song of moral lecture; a classic:" reading a mass organization Chinese traditional classic quotations; "learn some etiquette" Teaching: every time a little life etiquette, etiquette occupation and the Chinese traditional etiquette knowledge; "tell a story" about a typical case occurred in the masses around the embodiment of national traditional virtues, outstanding revolutionary morality and the spirit of the times; "a comment:" by the masses good side story, about the heart feeling, tasting the moral strength and sublimate their own realm.

"six" standards that have system: a set of norms, orderly operation and convenient management mechanism; a team: a "self quality, moral quality and cultural accomplishment of" the combination of part-time social propaganda team; activities: specific activities of plans and activities record every two months to carry out at least once; Funds: necessary working funds for security; effectiveness: the activity is good, people are willing to listen, there is sentiment, harvest.According to the

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