Xining City the establishment of a harmonious doctor patient relationship demonstration activities

to carry out activities to create a harmonious doctor-patient relationship demonstration zone, is an important part of building a socialist harmonious society, to deepen the reform of the medical and health system, and promote sound and rapid development of health, has very important significance to maintain social harmony and stability. In order to further implement the creation of a harmonious doctor-patient relationship demonstration area activities of various tasks, and work together to build a harmonious doctor-patient relationship, we suggest:
A, conscientiously implement the "Xining city" in 12th Five-Year "to deepen the medical and health system planning and implementation plan", "on the development of creating a harmonious doctor-patient relationship demonstration area activities implementation opinions" and municipal government leaders of the important speech, to fully understand the significance of activities to create a harmonious doctor-patient relationship demonstration area, to accurately grasp the direction, content and activities to create goals, actively participate in practical activities in the region to create a demonstration to create work, earnestly shouldering the responsibilities and mission, and strive to form a multi departments make concerted efforts the community to actively participate in and promote the harmonious and harmonious environment is a good situation for all.
two, all levels of government and relevant departments to further strengthen the government run health responsibility, increase health investment, establishing and perfecting the compensation mechanism, speeding up the construction of medical and health service system, raise the level of basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents, to promote the equalization of public health services, accelerate the construction of the medical information service network, improve the level of information service, the convenience of the masses a doctor for medical treatment, to lay a solid foundation for the city’s health reform and development and create a harmonious doctor-patient relationship.
three, medical and health institutions at all levels to strictly implement the medical and health management laws, administrative regulations, medical treatment and nursing practice, firmly establish the quality and safety responsibility consciousness, strengthen the medical safety management, prevent the occurrence of medical accidents. We will further optimize the service process, simplify the procedures for medical treatment, reduce medical costs, improve the transparency of medical and health services, and actively accept social supervision. All the medical workers should give full play to the role of the main force, to firmly establish the people-oriented and patient-centered service concept and health services for the people wholeheartedly purpose, vigorously carry forward the life-saving humanitarian spirit, adhere to the rational examination, medication, reasonable treatment, with superb medical skill and noble medical ethics to provide patients with personalized service, consciously protect the health of the masses, contribute to social harmony.
four, the whole society should respect the results of the medical staff work, maintain the order of the normal work of medical institutions, protect the legitimate rights and interests of doctors and patients. All sectors of the community to participate in the construction of medical dispute mediation mechanism, the establishment of a fair communication and consultation platform, smooth channels of patient demand, and properly resolve disputes between doctors and patients, to eliminate disharmony factors. Doctors and patients should understand each other, strengthen communication, enhance consensus. Patients should face up to the laws of medicine and understanding, support the normal medical treatment activities, and medical staff work together to overcome the disease.
Comrades! Municipal Party committee and government for the development of the city’s health industry has drawn a grand blueprint, pointed out the direction. Looking back on the past, we shine brightly in the dedication; looking to the future, our cause in the development of prosperity; in the face of opportunities, our mission is glorious and difficult;

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