West 24 proposals to promote the unity of the people’s livelihood

February 26th, the reporter in the City HS West Seventh Session of the fourth meeting of the committee was informed that, as of the end of 2013, the 24 pieces of the proposal review the filing office complex have been completed, completion rate of 87.5%, member satisfaction rate of 96%.

it is understood that the West District, the district government attaches great importance to the proposal for the work of the district CPPCC proposals to support the implementation of functions, which effectively affect the livelihood of the masses has been highly valued. In order to strengthen the construction site management of vehicles, reducing dust, soil pollution Street problems, the relevant departments in the west district based comprehensive examination of the building land excavation qualification, strict construction of road hardening, flushing out of the vehicle, set up checkpoints on Xichuan Road, the implementation of 24 hours of inspection, at the same time, increase the cleaning vehicle input, increase the frequency of watering the streets during the day in summer, shorten the watering time interval, effective governance of the dust pollution in building construction. The advice on government to adopt square art groups device support views, last year, the district government invested 200 thousand yuan for the local masses art groups equipped with equipment, and 5 villages for the activities. In order to better the construction of "Western peace" and "the rule of law, the western" new 600 HD probe, covering the region 13 street and 89 street lanes, the crime prevention and control system to further improve the deterrent to criminals, enhance the people’s sense of security.

reporter learned that the people’s livelihood, people’s livelihood, improve people’s livelihood is the west region in 2014 the focus of the work, the west area will be based on deepening the reform of the main line of the closely, to have new contributions in the performance of their duties, in promoting democracy, promote new breakthroughs in unity, strengthen self construction on the new progress in more rigorous performance attitude tough tackling, and strive for the construction of modern western beauty of prosperity and happiness.


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