The spring rain Qingming under second

yesterday, the provincial capital ushered in the first spring rain this spring, although the rainfall is small, but people still in the rain a breath of fresh air. I learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, Qingming Festival that day, the city will have a precipitation process.

it is understood that in April 4th (Ching Ming Festival), by the impact of strong cold air, coupled with air relative humidity conditions conducive to precipitation, precipitation in some areas of Xining. At the same time, according to the municipal meteorological observatory forecast, 4 days of the city there are about 5 north wind, the temperature will drop 6 to 8 DEG C., mainly during cloudy weather. In addition, the minimum temperature in the urban area has fallen below zero, up to zero, the next three days the minimum temperature of 3 degrees, the maximum temperature of 20 degrees C. (author: Kim and

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