Xining various types of volunteers up to 91 thousand and 700 people

Xining is currently a total of 91 thousand and 700 registered volunteers, forming a youth as the main force of the diversified volunteer service team pattern.

year, Xining city volunteer organizations at all levels around advocate civilization and build a harmonious society as the goal, and actively carry out the "Lei Feng" series of voluntary service activities, volunteers took to the streets, communities, rural areas "Harmonious Community Volunteer Service Act", "construction of green Internet, pay attention to minors," "Youth Red Ribbon", "civilized behavior", "three to the countryside", "love green, green, green, the mother river protection and civilized persuasion series theme of voluntary service activities. At the same time, and actively provide legal advice for the interests of the masses, propaganda, maintenance therapy and other special clinic meaning of volunteer service, and strive to make the theme of deepening and development, in the whole society advocate the civilization, added impetus to the construction of a harmonious Xining.

to give full play to the exemplary role of Party members and volunteers, since June this year, Xining city volunteers association organized the city’s party volunteers for 3 consecutive months of 12 days to carry out the "civilized people of Xining", "farewell uncivilized behavior", "civilized traffic persuasion" volunteer service activities. In order to facilitate the public to get help, set up more than and 200 convenient volunteer service stations in public places, urban public square, parks, scenic areas, bus stations, hospitals (points), volunteers to carry out cleaning, maintenance of order, consultation, guidance, emergency, to discourage uncivilized behavior, to provide the necessary assistance and other volunteer services for the old and sick. (author: Su Jianping)


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