Qinghai start a comprehensive health care reform pilot

to further increase the intensity of reform, to explore and summarize the experience and mode of health care reform this year, the state chose Qinghai and other four provinces to carry out a comprehensive health care reform pilot. February 10th, the provincial government held a meeting to start the implementation of the pilot work, the deployment of related work. Qinghai Province State approved "comprehensive deepening medical and health system reform pilot program", adhere to the "General requirements for basic security, a strong grass-roots level, building mechanism, promote the overall development of medical insurance, medical and coordinated development, efforts to promote the reform of the main tasks in the following seven aspects, effectively solve the masses difficult and expensive to see a doctor far", and strive to build an upgraded version of health care reform bonus, let the people of all nationalities inclusive. The comprehensive reform of deepening the reform of public hospitals in
to further deepen the public hospitals at the county level, the reform and perfect setting. In 2015, especially in the management system, compensation mechanism, the allocation of medical resources, performance appraisal mechanism to achieve new results. Strengthen the talent, technology, key specialty core service ability construction, realize the hospital management legalization, scientific, standardized and refined, informatization, county residents can bear the common disease diagnosis and treatment, emergency rescue and difficult disease referral tasks, the basic realization of serious illness county. To carry out comprehensive reform of public hospitals in the state, in 2015 Third People’s Hospital of Xining First People’s Hospital, Second People’s Hospital, people’s Hospital of Hainan City, East Sea, Haibei Prefecture People’s Hospital, the first people’s Hospital, the second people’s Hospital, West Qinghai People’s Hospital, Golmud People’s Hospital, Huangnan people’s Hospital, people’s Hospital of Yushu, Guoluo Prefecture People’s hospital to carry out comprehensive reform work. Explore the basic way to form public hospital reform. Provincial public hospital reform into the reform of public hospitals in Xining city to promote synergy. Scientific and rational planning and development of public hospitals. The establishment of modern hospital management system, in line with the characteristics of the medical industry personnel salary system, scientific performance evaluation mechanism. Innovative medical convenience service model.
perfect classification treatment system function and make disease diagnosis and treatment scope of different level medical institutions. Optimize the structure of the medical insurance fund expenditure, the proportion of reimbursement between different levels of medical institutions. To carry out the first diagnosis system of outpatients. Improve the relationship between general practitioners and residents contract services, in 2015 the province signed a number of more than 60%. Actively promote the formation of medical association. Exploring the integrated management of rural medical service. To strengthen the supervision and evaluation of medical institutions at all levels of medical behavior.
optimization to improve the universal health care body;

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