Xining to the national public cultural service system demonstration area to build a four public cult

Culture is the accumulation of a region, is the soul of one party and the connotation of water and soil, is a symbol of local quality, is a city development of the "soft power"". February 28th, the reporter learned from relevant departments of Xining, in November 2013, Xining has been established to create a national public cultural service system demonstration area. Currently, the relevant planning and action plan has been developed, and the Standing Committee of the Xining municipal government will be considered.

create a plan and action plan according to the city of Xining, will implement the "national public cultural service system demonstration area (West) to create a standard" on the 30 indexes of 6 aspects of public cultural facilities in the network construction, the supply of public cultural services, public cultural service organization support, the force of the construction of Xining city "four levels" of public cultural services system.

can improve the public cultural facilities network construction. Building a network of public cultural service system, to the end of 2015, built 8 blocks built community self-help library, mobile library library of not less than 500 copies per 123, 8 car purchase flow of cultural services car, built 105 standard configuration of the township (street) public electronic reading room.


system construction. The establishment of a relatively complete system of public cultural services personnel, funds, technical support system, the establishment of government led, social participation in the supply of public cultural service system. The library is open weekly time not less than 56 hours, the average performance of the 1000 sent to the grassroots screenings, mass sports activities regularly, the participation rate reached the advanced level, per capita to participate in the activities of not less than 3 hours a week.

implementation of the three plan. The implementation of cultural drift plan, the implementation of cultural information enjoy the plan, the implementation of the cultural source plan. 50 villages and towns to build a mobile cultural service team, built into the stage of the urban culture of the 10, built a special cultural square of the 7.

can strengthen the four basic. Improve the city, district (county), township (street) and village (community) four public cultural facilities. The completion of Xining City Art Museum, Xining art and culture service center; in accordance with the construction of two level museum and national standards, combined with the library two phase expansion project, the implementation of the construction of the library of Xining city; according to the Ministry issued more than three standard to complete the four districts of Xining City, three county library construction or expansion. Built in the East District, three county theater. In the township (street) built 13 township cultural stations, extension 6 township cultural stations, new or expanded 16 comprehensive cultural street station, the village (community) built 931 farm house village, realize the sharing of cultural information resources.

four project. Will be the implementation of brand pioneer engineering, service innovation projects, cultural undertakings to promote the project, civic and cultural literacy project. "The city of Xining will build the new year and Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival mass culture" brand activities, to create "the big stage people square performance season" brand building "cultural Huimin · happy Xining" series of cultural activities, to create a boutique repertoire "Tangfangudao" etc..


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