Provincial People’s Congress in Xining to carry out environmental protection law enforcement inspect

7 12, the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee Deputy Director Cao Wenhu led the provincial people’s Congress "environmental protection law" law enforcement inspection group of Xining city to carry out "environmental protection law" to inspect, listen to the Xining city to carry out the "environmental protection law" report.

in the history of the most stringent "" environmental protection law "since January 1, 2015 since the formal implementation of the Xining City, earnestly study and implement publicity work, adhere to the ecological protection priority, seriously organize the implementation of environmental pollution control project, atmospheric and water pollution control as the focus, improve the ecological environment in the aspects of a lot of solid and effective work air quality, increased year by year, medical and industrial waste effectively, environmental quality has been improved to some extent, the apparent effectiveness.

Cao Wenhu stressed that Xining is the province’s most concentrated population areas, environmental protection work is related to the vital interests of the broad masses of the people, significant. Xining city to a clear understanding of their responsibilities, starting from the province’s overall development perspective, adhere to the protection of the ecological environment in a prominent position, do solid work, earnestly carry out the water, air and soil pollution prevention and control of key environmental protection work, to protect the ecological environment, and strive to create a Xining Tibet Plateau livable city, improve the people’s for the people’s happiness index, the real benefit of the masses.

subsequently, the law enforcement inspection team a line to the Nanchuan Road South Fu Lu Xiang community field view of the environmental monitoring grid division and operation.


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