Xining City North District Court invited NPC deputies and CPPCC members to observe the trial

North District Court for the further implementation of the Supreme People’s court "double check" spirit, enhance the consciousness and ability of the trial court case, since June this year, the president, vice president in charge of the tribunal and the person in charge of the double check group in our hospital, the sole judge and presiding judge to carry out the trial double check, judgment activities. In order to expand the evaluation results, our hospital on the morning of July 20, 2012 to invite North District deputies and CPPCC members with trial review investigation team in our hospital to observe the defendant Feng Yonghai, Zhu Weiwu drug trafficking case trial.

to observe the trial assessment for the eight members of the main indicators of trial preparation, court investigation and debate and the presiding judge organization, command, control trial etc.. After the trial, the NPC deputies and CPPCC members on the trial order of the entire trial, the degree of standardization, the judge to control the court’s ability to judge the quality of the judge’s deportment are fully affirmed. And summarizes several highlights of the trial: first, the new. Procedures simple and clear, pay attention to human trials. Two is fine. The judge listened patiently and carefully, not to let go of any conviction and sentencing details. Three is quasi. Through a large number of evidence and facts to prove that the defendant is guilty, but also embodies the strict and strict, when the width is wide, lenient and strict criminal justice principles. At the same time, it also puts forward some suggestions: first, the people’s assessors should be made in the name of the name of the people’s jury hanging table. Two is the defendant to answer the question is too small, the defendant should be configured microphone.

school party secretary, President Song Zhongyi in exchange comments pointed out that by focusing on the assessment activities, the main efforts to enhance judicial ability, promote judicial work, whether it is appraised or check wrong, are only means to improve the level of understanding, judge, raising the level of production of the trial and judgment ability. Also stressed that the two review investigation team must assume the role of supervision and guidance, aiming at the existing problems, find the gap to make up the short board, practicing real power, seek practical results, to guide the judge to increase self correction and rectification efforts to fulfill the job responsibilities and enhance the ability to combine to enhance judicial credibility, safeguard judicial authority for the ability and quality the foundation and basic work quality. Next, we will review the trial and judgment results included in the evaluation performance of judges files into performance appraisal, to further stimulate the enthusiasm of studying business, improve the ability of the police. To strengthen the judicial capacity building, to further promote the improvement of the overall quality of the judges and the quality of the trial, enhance the credibility of the judiciary. (author: Ge Jun)



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