Build a strong defense honest duty crime prevention and control


Committee and the District Commission for discipline inspection organs in accordance with the documentation requirements and arrangements, the Bureau leadership attaches great importance to the prevention and control of risk management in each stage of work, focus on the first and second stages of formation mechanism, develop programs, propaganda and mobilization work, solid work to promote the third stages of the risk analysis, identifying risks, determine the risk level according to the risk, to find out the point to develop and implement prevention and control measures to further improve the management system, improve the management mechanism, standardize the management process.
at all stages of the work to form a post as a point, with the system as the face of independent risk control mechanism, to achieve fine management rights during operation. Mainly around the right, money, people, things and other key links and key positions, to take their own look, the masses mention, mutual investigation, leadership, organizational assessment, a comprehensive search for the existence or potential of clean government risk points. A total of 115 risk points identified, the development of prevention and control measures of the 91. The Bureau leadership search point 21, risk prevention and control measures of 14, bureau office made the risk supervision card 4, find the risk point of 17, each room office is responsible for 5 people to find the risk point 22, prevention and control measures of 17, other 9 cadres and workers to find risk points 55, prevention and control measures 45. The new system 2 units, cadres and workers to improve the job responsibilities and tasks of system 1, making the development of Party members, cadres and workers, the annual assessment letters and visits and assigned a mediation, official reception, office supplies procurement and reimbursement of forest harvesting, vehicle management, agricultural project management and statistical work post independent risk control flow chart 20 for publicity, including: internal control, external control 6 14.
by the independent risk control work, so that party members and cadres and workers is a good political and economic, reputation, freedom, health, family six accounts, remember the first time, beware beware of little evil plot great evil, beware of abuse of power, Shendu, careful friends, walk every step of life, strengthen the ideological and moral construction, solid work, put the essence of "establishing the party for the public and law enforcement for the people’s requirements into action, strict with oneself, corruption. We work through the various stages of the risk control of personal search have said, to consciously restrain himself in the party and government in the future work, motivate yourself with the satisfaction of the masses, abide by the provisions of self-discipline, always do self-respect, self-examination, self motivation, and have a good power, money, relationships, the anti-corruption tasks to their every word and action, do the alarm bells ringing, check erroneous ideas at the outset.


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March 21, 2017