During the two to 11 people by the party and government discipline

February 23rd, reporters from the provincial Commission for discipline inspection was informed that the "two" period, the province at all levels of the discipline inspection organs investigated Gongjusiyong, rambling style of work and other problems 16, accountability for 38 people, including 11 party and government discipline, the work style of cadres supervision 5 responsible leadership of the responsibility. All localities and departments through serious accountability, effectively plug the loopholes, and promote the further improvement of style building.

it is reported that during the 2014 New Year’s day, Spring Festival, various departments across the province to seriously implement the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection on the requirements for the gift of public funds and other special unwholesome tendencies during the new year and Spring Festival, and actively take effective measures to correct the four winds down the Province’s public funds, mutual banquets, gifts of public funds wind significantly curbed, Gongjusiyong phenomenon significantly reduced public funds to buy fireworks, gifts, greeting cards calendar wind fundamentally reversed, government agencies and state-owned enterprises, spring decoration simple and elegant, all localities and departments to take pragmatic and frugal air agency promoting people wind wind, to create a fresh, happy and peaceful festive atmosphere. According to statistics, compared with the beginning of 2013 with the cadres and the masses of the state organ style to enhance the rate of 6 percentage points for each unit with improved style measures to enhance the rate of 2 percentage points, the majority of cadres and the masses that the authorities at all levels of cadres is significantly improved compared to previous years.

the discipline inspection organs at all levels around the public funds, Gongjusiyong, poker gambling, off-site personal affairs, lax discipline and other outstanding issues, to take centralized inspection, unannounced inspection, spot checks and other means to strengthen supervision and strict discipline. At the same time, the discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels and the integrated use of disciplinary organization and warning interviews, admonishing conversation and other means, to increase the period of two discipline misconduct investigation and efforts to inform the exposure, and the special rectification action and responsibility of honest government combined, clear the main leaders of each unit is the first responsibility, accountability strictly. Xining, Haixi state before the Spring Festival, respectively, in violation of the provisions of the central eight provincial government and the spirit of the spirit of the 21 measures were informed of the 11 typical problems. Haidong City, Haixi, Hainan, Haibei Prefecture, was informed on the implementation of Party members and cadres during the two self-discipline and discipline, and ordered the relevant units for rectification.


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