More than 50 people to join the job seekers

years after my talent market ushered in a round of strikes back, quit tide, in order to help job seekers "immediately" desire as soon as possible, the talent exchange center, human resources and Social Security Bureau, city, city, City Employment Bureau personnel staffing, three county Employment Bureau opened the evening of employment the collection of columns, held in several job fairs at the same time, also launched a carefully planned employment through train, to help job seekers find jobs.

will launch 7 job fairs this week

just 3 hours, the 597 reached a preliminary agreement, which is the evening news and the city’s first talent recruitment will be achieved. To build in the recruitment companies and job seekers more personal communication platform, the exclusive employment winning book, this week will join the talent exchange center, the North District People Club Bureau, Huangzhong County Bureau of employment services, Datong County Bureau of labor and employment, Chengdong District People Club Bureau, West District People Club Bureau respectively in 19 days 20 days, 22 days, 7 consecutive job fairs.

train to help you find the ideal job

at the same time, in order to help migrant rural labor, new city workers, zero employment of family members, students job seekers, the newspaper also launched a boost employment — employment through train, using the combined unit of mass employment information, job seekers to search suitable employment positions.

at present, more than 50 job seekers to call, online resume resume way to join the activities. Xie is a citizen to join the activities of job seekers, Xie said, he engaged in the library in an enterprise has been for 3 years, "I want to borrow for work units change work environment." The newspaper and City Talent Exchange Center immediately for collecting Xie 7 companies in the employment information, employment compensation, repeated comparison of the employment environment, Xie finally reached with the Qinghai Tongchuang auto sales & Service Co., a preliminary agreement of intent.

evening employment winning book train part will continue to open, as long as you have employment aspirations, can call the hotline at 0971-8266008, 0971-8230541, or send e-mail to [email protected], indicating your willingness to job, such as job positions, expertise, salary, the reporter will be through the book section of the joint unit of employment, to help you find a job.


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