Kunlun road will build the tallest building in Xining

has attracted much attention in our city 19 city landscape construction project is one of the key "Kangtai SVA garden" project officially started construction on the day before.


project will be the city of Kunlun Road No. 4 (original post Jiashuyuan) land development and construction, covers an area of more than 29 thousand square meters, the construction scale of 156000 square meters, a total investment of 630 million yuan plan, including the construction of four high-rise residential buildings, a high-rise office building and a high-rise office building, is a in residential, office and leisure services integrated real estate projects as a whole. The construction of the project, so that the relocation of households here to improve the living conditions of the hope of a step closer.

according to reports, the project will be built in the super high-rise office or the highest building in Xining. (author: Shi Fei)

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