Hao Peng investigation of industrial enterprises in Xining

November 13th, governor Hao Peng went to Xining special steel group, Qinghai Zhongli Optical Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. and Asia silicon Qinghai Co., ltd.. Hao Peng stressed that the scientific judgments to the macroeconomic situation, conform to the laws of economic development, strengthen confidence, reform and innovation, in efforts to promote the smooth operation of the industrial enterprises and speed up structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading, continuously improve the quality and efficiency of the industrial economy, make new greater contributions to the economic and social development. In the special steel group in Xining, Hao Peng and his entourage went into the 800 thousand tons of fine special steel bar production line workshop, production line workshop, to understand the progress of construction projects and production operations, see group in the implementation of the pin line project has been put into operation, stick into the end of line construction, is expected to be completed by the end of commissioning, Hao Peng very pleased, he said Xigang company, steelmaking and steel rolling technology system upgrade project in 2013 and 2014 the "Shuangbai" project in our province, we must change and adjust the structure in a more prominent position, overall arrangement, reasonable allocation, to ensure that the project completed as soon as possible while debugging, should take the initiative to further expand the domestic and foreign market. To win more space for enterprise development. Xining Dongchuan Industrial Park, Qinghai Zhongli Optical Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. is the first R & D and production of optical fiber preform and fiber optic high-tech enterprises. Hao Peng went into the quality assurance room, optical fiber drawing area, etc., a detailed understanding of the trial production of fiber optic cable operation, the progress of the construction of optical fiber preform project and fiber optic products market demand, etc.. Hao Peng on the company as a by-product of polysilicon four chlorinated silicon as the main raw material production of prefabricated fiber rod, complementary advantages and development model of recycling and fully affirmed, he encouraged to further strengthen the construction of innovation ability of enterprises, the development of multi industry integration, extension of circular economy industrial chain, improve resource utilization efficiency, improve the added value products and services. Subsequently, Hao Peng came to Asia silicon industry polysilicon three technological expansion project site, see the construction machinery with an annual output of 7000 tons polysilicon project has tanks, hydrogenation and distillation purification process is carried out in an orderly manner, reduction and separation process will be completed exhaust time, Hao Peng very happy, he told the people in charge of the more the more difficult times, to strengthen confidence, in accordance with the plan to accelerate the expansion and reconstruction, to achieve the production targets as soon as possible, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, promote enterprises bigger and stronger, to achieve the sustainable development of health. Luo Yulin research.  

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