Celebrate the national day tournament level number sea sailing style show


September 2nd, the three day Xining municipal authorities towards National Games ended, the city Bureau of statistics and achieved good results in the women’s three basketball tournament runner up, the women’s table tennis men’s table tennis in seventh and eleventh and twelfth in the competition. Three men basketball and football has not yet achieved the position, but the players show the competitive state and the spirit of good in the game, by the Bureau of cadres and workers of praise and applause, but also by the participating units Comrades praise.

in the three days of competition, the city Bureau of statistics of athletes with "I exercise, my health, my happiness" for the purpose, to carry forward the spirit of the Olympic movement struggling to effectively enhance the overall image of the Bureau of statistics. The arena is the battlefield, it is sow friendship garden, the athletes in the process are strictly abide by the rules, the movement will obey the referee, in fights, but also fully carry forward the friendship, solidarity and fair competition spirit, embodies the good athletic morality. The three men’s basketball game has become a highlight of the games, the game was surrounded by the audience packed, the entire stadium was laughter, cheers linger.


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