Xining city north to four focus to promote the overall quality of community cadres

for the further construction of stable grassroots cadres, Chengbei District of Xining city on the basis of the community cadres, built around a sound "selection, education, employment and keep people" four mechanisms, which is helpful in optimizing community structure, improve the overall quality of the contingent of cadres, cadres of the basic structure of the young and knowledge and specialization.
to focus on efficient, training education. Strengthen the training and training of community workers, and strive to improve the quality of community workers. Two street area, often organize community workers to study the party’s line, principles and policies, to learn the advanced deeds of heroes, the education of cadres to strengthen the sense of purpose. The Party school is held every year in the class of community cadres, invited experts provincial and municipal community construction and community cadres outstanding teaching, theoretical and professional training for community cadres. In 23 the community college established practice base, the "master" mutual teaching, add fresh blood into the community, bring the knowledge of advanced culture to the community, to promote the community cadres to keep pace with the times.

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