Qinghai comprehensive strategic cooperation in medical assistance project officially launched in Bei

11 month 5 days, by the Beijing love miles charity foundation and the Red Cross, the Red Cross Hospital of Qinghai province to carry out the medical assistance in Qinghai Province comprehensive strategic cooperation project "public assistance project was officially launched in Beijing.

it is reported that the Qinghai Red Cross Hospital in the medical poverty relief work, and actively play the advantages of the provincial hospital resources, through various types of medical assistance projects, to create a new environment for grassroots health. Especially in the medical level is relatively backward in agricultural and pastoral areas, Qinghai Red Cross Hospital has implemented the liver hydatid treatment, children with congenital heart disease treatment, two cancer screening and other medical poverty alleviation projects, make high-quality medical resources sinking to the grassroots. Since 2015, the hospital has been actively engaged in the Beijing charity miles charity foundation, Qinghai, children with congenital heart disease and hydatid disease medical assistance signed a cooperation agreement. "Qinghai Province medical aid comprehensive strategic cooperation project" started, Qinghai Red Cross Hospital and the Red Cross, Beijing love miles Charity Foundation launched a joint cooperation, jointly set up a rescue fund has carried out the poor patients, congenital heart disease relief, hydatid disease relief, two cancer screening and other public projects. As of now, the project investment amounted to about 500000 yuan, the number of screening of 3740 people in the province, out of all kinds of children with congenital heart disease, about 350 people, has treated more than 100 people, the rest of patients will be phased in batches to treatment.


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