Mayor Zhang Qingjun attended the ceremony and delivered a speech in Hefei Youth nnovation and Entre

the majority of young people is an important force in the development of China’s construction, in order to help the majority of young entrepreneurs in the market as early as possible, all over the country to carry out the entrepreneurship contest and other activities, the ability to exercise young entrepreneurs.

the ceremony, the leaders also mentors presented letters of appointment, and awards for the winners. Sheng Xitai, founder of the fund as a representative of the fund to share the theme. According to reports, the contest started since September 2015, received a total enrollment more than 200 projects, including the field of 78 projects, involving e-commerce, "Internet plus service", modern agriculture and other fields. Finally, enterprise group, innovation group were ranked one or two, third-prize and assessment group of excellent project, "venture star" and "pioneers", "the most potential award" and other awards, including bonuses of up to 100 thousand yuan, and will receive relevant policy support.

of course, all academic achievements do not represent entrepreneurship competition for youth entrepreneurship projects, this is just one aspect, more entrepreneurs or through the market assessment to show real strength.

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