The role of the entrepreneur to the entrepreneur can be summarized as follows

entrepreneurship, in addition to the need for funds, good projects, with a good attitude is also very important. Many entrepreneurs are always with a heart to employment and entrepreneurship, only on impulse and momentum in the young things, no planning, no cost, the accumulation and development of consciousness, even no idea.


1, lack of long-term goals and thinking height

2, the attitude to complete the work

entrepreneurs complete definition of a job refers to something completely resolved, can fix today must not wait until tomorrow. While the employment will used to work in accordance with the number of days to complete decomposition, only part of the work every day, work time, used to go home, the rest of the work tomorrow, in the company are not willing to stay for a minute. Many people complain about the boss harsh, overtime frequently, in fact, this is the entrepreneur from the early days of the establishment of the habit. For entrepreneurs, career is life, work is life.

3, single link and the whole system

4, responsibility


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