Manicure stores at the end of the promotion plan which

to the end of the year, people’s passion for consumption was aroused, many businesses have begun to do promotions to attract more consumer attention. If you open Manicure stores, then at the end of the promotion plan how to do? Many novice investors on this issue is not very familiar with, if you want to learn, come and experience it.

1, at the end of Christmas, new year’s day, we should design a variety of festivals for Manicure styles, for different groups of people to design, with the festival of colors and atmosphere. Manicure division design styles after the need to do a certain amount of publicity, such as the DM POP advertising, leaflets, store cards, posters, decoration works.

2, according to the theme of the festival atmosphere and decoration design, store environment, shop decoration should be bright, color should be bright, easy to suck the eye, can also store a special extension of a place to do holiday service area, you can better serve customers, to avoid too many guests to take care of ill.

3, during the holiday season can be in the form of preferential push the store membership card or integral card, discount cards, etc., do some attractive discount packages to attract new customers, the accumulation of popularity.

4, during the festival launched a membership card can also be designed to commemorate the card, etc.. In the design of the card to pay attention to the design of fine, for all types of customers to develop customer files, customers will feel that you are particularly careful, especially warm heart.

5, during the holiday season, you can choose some small gifts to carry out promotions, such as during the Christmas consumption of XX yuan to send a personal tool set, Valentine’s day consumption of XX yuan can be obtained by candlelight dinner coupons, roses, chocolate, etc.. Do not use bad quality goods as gifts, which will cause resentment of customers.

to do promotions during the holidays, should be targeted, have characteristics, only do so out of promotion can drink the holiday atmosphere of mutual agreement, mutual integration, and are more consumers and attract more attention of consumers. I believe, as long as the Manicure chain industry boom, the reasonable use of Manicure shop promotions, then Manicure joined the shop will be able to create brilliant.

There are a lot of

Manicure stores at the end of the promotion opportunity, is also varied, no matter what promotion, first need a clear point is combined with the actual, combined with the local actual consumer market and their ability to practice, let your scheme can achieve the best effect, hurry to learn about it, do not miss a good opportunity.

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