Recently there was a hot word called Su Wan you know what

recent business moves frequently, there are business giants to cooperate with the user, the business giants to compete in the game, there is a hot word, called "Su million", do not know if you know? This Su million refers to Suning, Baidu, Wanda, look at what happened between them.

8 10, "Su million" (Suning, Baidu, Wan Da) in Nanjing to carry out the "Internet + retail" as the theme of the summit, Robin Li, Zijin, Zhang Jindong, Wang Jianlin and other chiefs have attended the meeting on the road O2O.

Although the day before the

if to say "different Su million" on the O2O path, I think it is their different ambitions. Suning over the years in the accumulation of retail is BAT can not match, and Suning has also seen the value of the market. The National Bureau of statistics data show that in 2014 the total retail sales of consumer goods amounted to 27 trillion and 189 billion 610 million yuan, in 2014 the whole society of our country e-commerce transactions amounted to 16 trillion and 390 billion yuan, an increase of 59.4%, the traditional retail market value is still very great, Suning O2O path ambition that the line of all, no matter how, the traditional retail electricity supplier changes in the market, as long as the user is Suning consumption, is enough.

entrepreneurs and error cost is too high, and "Su million" itself has sufficient funds to try in the field of O2O.

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