What is the cost of opening a milk tea shop

shop before the operator will do one thing is the cost and revenue estimates. This is the business before deciding whether you need to operate the primary consideration. With a tea shop, we drink Wyatt workshop as an example to introduce, open a tea shop in the cost of what?

1. milk tea join fee

Yin Yue workshop tea shop, with the Michelin brand, you need to pay the money, the use fee of the brand, because the brand of our company Michelin will do maintenance maintenance every year, not money, to drink tea workshop Yue, the cost is not natural.

2. store rent

open milk tea shop, the rent is the most important part of the cost, many of the prime locations have been a lot of rent to a high price, even if the rent is not a remote place. Investors had better combine their own funds to consider the store, preferably in the stream of people more, but the rent is slightly lower. Drink tea Wyatt workshop will provide professional site evaluation report, so you don’t have to worry about the location.

3. renovation costs

decoration costs of each store is very large, and some tea shop decoration is required to spend a large amount of natural, some milk tea shop is relatively simple and generous, the cost is less. From the workshop Yue tea shop, store decoration design is very important, the environment elegant and comfortable to let more customers enjoy the feeling of Yin Yue workshop headquarters will provide help, if you join the workshop if Yin Yue, there are a variety of decoration style can choose.

4. equipment cost

to open a tea shop every day cannot do without the equipment and equipment is the tea, it is the cost of the heavy head, like ice machine, storage cabinets, sealing machine, water purifier, refrigerator etc. These are relatively large and the price is not low, of course, there are many small equipment materials what is not to fall. Although the price is not high, but the 00 total add up is not a small number.

5. material cost

we drink business Wyatt workshop tea shop, need to use the materials included tea raw materials and some supplies, this is a long drink expenditure, Wyatt will directly to the stores workshop unified distribution, quality assurance made more tea.

6. other charges

there are a lot of small projects, such as the cost of doing a variety of documents required, water and gas air conditioning costs, as well as the wages of employees as well as the opening of publicity and marketing costs, etc..

above is to operate a >

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