Do business by taking advantage of customer curiosity

if the customer has a curiosity about the shop, it will come to patronize, which for the development of the store business naturally has a very big help. So, if we want to make the business of the store to get better development, it is possible to make full use of the customer’s curiosity, may promote the store business faster leap oh.

store business how to do? So? Or ideas to improve? The story of the boss encounter bottleneck in the business solutions think it is worth drawing: the star effect, seize the customer to view the star face curiosity; by extension, marketing methods, make its effectiveness to maximize.

in a small town in Kentucky, the United States, there is a elegant restaurant, the boss found that every Tuesday, the store is always very cold.

is also a Tuesday, the restaurant is still a deserted house, the boss anxious, to turn the phone book to find possible dining guests. Suddenly, he found that there was a man named John ·, who, with the big star of the same name as Wayne. He had an idea, immediately call the John · Wayne, said he could get the restaurant double free dinner next Tuesday night, time is 8 points, welcome his wife together. The other readily agreed to the appointment.

second days, this restaurant is posted at the door of a huge poster, saying: "warmly welcome John · Wayne coming to our restaurant next Tuesday". The poster immediately aroused the interest of the local residents. For such a remote town, a superstar visit, of course, is the first priority.

wait until Tuesday, visitors really increased. Not yet 6, people have to queue up at the entrance to the 8 points, the store has been packed. Everyone is eager to see John · the style of Wayne. At this time, the restaurant began to broadcast: "John · Wayne is coming to our shop, let us welcome him and his wife!"

for a time, the restaurant in perfect silence. The eyes of all the people to the door, who stood there, was a typical old farmer, standing beside him with his humble lady.

After a few moments of silence,

broke into applause and laughter. The guests are surrounded by John couple seated, and took pictures with them.

From the

, modeled on the boss, he kept looking for people with famous names from the phone book, ask them to come to dinner on Tuesday, at the same time, posting posters, advertising. So, "guess who’s coming to dinner", "who’s going to eat dinner today," the topic of the business Tuesday brings a wave of money.


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