Mahogany mahogany mahogany home prices also continued to rise

furniture market has now become the theme of the decoration market, many people are being renovated, in the face of a large number of decorative building materials, decisive choice of mahogany, mahogany high-end fashion grade. But rosewood furniture prices have been rising recently, which is why?

  less than half a year, mahogany furniture prices rose 50%~120%, staged crazy wood". And in June of this year, the new Convention on international trade in endangered species of Wild Fauna and flora came into effect, is regarded as one of the domestic mahogany furniture prices rise fuse.

a mahogany furniture stores in the commercial road and Winton Road intersection in Zhengzhou, a mahogany tea table Lee phase the discount price of 70 thousand yuan, the "red wood material, I accompany a friend to visit the summer time, also only 40 thousand dollars, this is only three or four months, the price has almost doubled."

"the second half of this year, mahogany furniture Rose Rose 60%." "Chinese red" rosewood furniture museum chairman Cui Xida told reporters that the main reason is the mahogany raw materials rose sharply. />

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