Top ten brands of rice in Northeast

in China’s rich rice market, the northeast rice is a very important component, and the northeast rice also has a lot of good brand. Below, let Xiaobian to introduce the northeast rice ten brands list, so that you can on China’s northeast rice brand with more understanding, and then choose to really fit a rice brand.

northeast rice ten brands list NO.1, the Great Northern Wilderness:

Heilongjiang the Great Northern Wilderness Agribusiness Group Corporation is one of the 120 large enterprise groups pilot, is a modern large enterprise groups and listed companies. "The Great Northern Wilderness" brand series of rice has been rated as "A Well-Known Trademark in China", "China famous brand", "the most competitive brand", "industry leading product", "national exemption product" title.

ten northeast rice brand rankings, NO.2 plate:


Jilin grain group rice Co. Ltd., Jilin grain group is a wholly owned subsidiary, is a state-owned company, enjoy various preferential policies of national agricultural industrialization leading enterprises. "Rice plate" brand series of rice has been rated as "Chinese brand", "National A-class green food", "Jilin famous brand", "Jilin province selling rice brand", "famous brand of Jilin province".

northeast rice ten brands list NO.3, Indus:

Heilongjiang Taifeng foodstuff

Co. Ltd. is a state-level agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, director China food industry association. "Phoenix" brand of rice has been awarded the "organic food", "Chinese brand", "A Well-Known Trademark in China", "rice ten brand", "Chinese green food", "industry famous brand".

northeast rice ten brands list NO.4, Royal spring:

Jilin province Dechun rice Refco Group Ltd is the focus of national agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, is the largest rice processing enterprises in Jilin province. The company’s flagship product, "Yu Quan" brand of high quality green rice has been named "national famous brand", "famous trademark" Yu Quan "brand of rice and corn series food are the National Green Food Development Center identified as green food.

northeast rice ten brands list NO.5, good rain:

Limited by Share Ltd is Jilin Yufeng rice rice processing enterprise in Jilin Province, the only home products by the National Quality Inspection Bureau identified as "national Mianjian products". The company’s "good rain" brand series of rice has been the national green food development center as "a green food", by the Jilin Provincial People’s government as "Jilin famous brand" products, by the National Food Industry Association awarded "assured rice", "

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