2016 cultural industry entrepreneurial talent support program officially launched

entrepreneurship needs innovation, in fact, the most closely linked with innovation or cultural and creative industries. Recently, under the guidance of the Ministry of culture and the Ministry of finance, in 2016 the cultural industry entrepreneurial talent support program officially launched.


for design personnel training, business services, innovative design and related industrial integration and other hot topics, expand guest dialogue, young designers and guests for the warm communication. In addition, the event also set up an exhibition area, excellent design works on the spot exhibition.

the program supported by the central government special funds for the development of cultural industry, Ministry of the cultural heritage office, the Ministry of culture and cultural industries to guide, organize the implementation of the central cultural management cadre college. The implementation of the plan for two years, thousands of people have been named the Ministry of culture and creative industries entrepreneurial talent pool, get a good social repercussions, to support young innovative entrepreneurial talent, played an important role in promoting the integration of the development of cultural and creative design services and related industries. The salon activities organized by the Central Cultural Management Institute, 8 culture group is hosted, Lang Park Vintage, LAN environment art center and Xinhua News Agency banyuetan new media centre.

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