How to win hawker steak

Steakhouse investment projects editorial recommendation – hawker how about steak for you? The hawker wins how about steak? What is the specific process? Look at the following Xiaobian for your specific description:

– hawker team began since 1998 engaged in Western-style food industry, has been more than ten years of business management and Western-style food industry experience, the main force is also engaged in health, delicious delicacy fashion culture promotion in the field of professional. We will meet the needs and challenges of the market with an accurate market positioning, innovative business philosophy, delicious steak products, elegant and stylish dining environment, warm and friendly service. Talent shows itself in the fierce competition in the market, then what is the process to join Sheng hawker steak? Xiaobian to introduce below.

– hawker steak how to join?

first, join the consultation, fill in the application form;

two, headquarters to investigate whether the franchisee’s own conditions are:

1, can accept the hawker steak unified management model wins, wins development, identity management, hawker steak management;

2, to comply with the regulations and fulfill the franchise contract to join Shenzhen SEO, jointly responsible for the

brand wins hawker steak;

3, with a certain degree of cultural quality, professionalism and a certain degree of store management capabilities, with a strong sense of service catering industry;

4, with certain economic strength, good reputation and social exchange resources;

5, the management of the store to ensure that the heart of the input, can accept the headquarters of the continuous skills training.

three, a detailed understanding of the rules and franchise chain contract, the headquarters began to join the service program.

Four, to determine the location of

, a comprehensive analysis of the feasibility of selected district headquarters.


sites must be comprehensive analysis of feasibility investigation headquarters sent before, but not as the only standard of profit. Inspection personnel expenses by the customer in advance.

five, signed a franchise contract, clear the rights and obligations of both parties.

six, apply for business license and handle the relevant formalities.

read the introduction above believe processes have a more comprehensive understanding of the hawker wins you steak to join, if there is what other problems need to know you in our.

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