The basic method of small weapon teach you shop layout

open a flower shop is a lot of female friends entrepreneurial dream, the cost will not be too large, do a good job of income. In fact, the layout of the flower shop is very skilled, the core of the layout is the layout of the customer flow line design, the success of the design to maximize the extension of customer retention time in the flower shop. Different customers due to age, gender, personality differences, the course of their mobile certainly different.

1, lattice layout

grid layout is a standard layout, furnishings at right angles to each other, a labyrinth channel, so that the whole flower structure of stringent norms, to orderly management in order impression, the impression is very easy to make the customer trust psychology to the florist, mostly for open shelf sales.

grid layout is the customer will usually have a dull and lonely feeling, because of the natural driving force is formed in the channel, the purchase customers will have an accelerated purchase psychological pressure, while viewing and leisure will be greatly reduced, at the same time, the layout of standardization, ability makes the florist play decorative effect is limited, difficult to produce a decorative form and effect of buying interest. The overall layout of the layout of the low input, in line with the price of ordinary people seeking psychological. From a business point of view, the layout is more conducive to the layout of the sale of security and maintain the health shop.

2, free flow layout

free flow layout is based on the characteristics of flower, form various combinations or polymerization, no fixed form or special layout, sales form is not fixed. In the actual layout of the common strip or rectangular ring. Horseshoe shaped, triangle and so on, this kind of layout, channel is generally more spacious or at the florist central leave a large space for decoration and environment, this is a kind of free style layout, so it can use the decorative layout create better atmosphere, can produce a certain attraction for all types of customers, marketing environment the effect is very obvious. Free flow layout generally have a larger space, can provide customers with the viewing environment, so as to create a customer purchase plan outside the shopping opportunities, but also to enable customers to enjoy

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