Open drinks shop to join

due to the beverage store investment is not large, if properly managed, the market is very broad, money can be said to be a matter of minutes. For this reason, many investors are now thinking of opening a shop in the shop. However, in the end is their own shop or choose to join the investment, but plagued many entrepreneurs. So, do you want to join the beverage store?

first open beverage shop is the most important flow of people, do not have much to say, shop location is a most important factor of liquor stores, not in pursuit of exotic put all the money in the decoration, put as much money in the store to find the large flow of people, the target customers. There is a word on the mall called cash is king, in the shop process, the flow of people is king, we must attach great importance to the choice of store location.

now drink franchise fee ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands have. In my opinion, this is a very difficult to recover the investment, is not cost-effective, once the loss, the money will be wasted. I opened the first store, the whole street a total of 5 drinks shop, in addition to me, all joined, but in the end, there is no business better than me, and even to the last from the commodity packaging to the marketing of what is learning me.

in my opinion, do not need to join, because you use the money to do the decoration, then you can make the feeling of joining stores, even higher than they. Instead of spending money to join some of the shops do not have the benefits of the brand, it is better to spend the money on the decoration, the customer from the original look at the grade of the shop, it is from the point of view of decoration.

how to decorate it? First you have to figure out what type they want to open the shop, what grade of the shop, and then to find a home and you most like style stores, found inside a decoration is the most consistent with that expected, to find a good decoration company, directly with the masters of the past drink, slowly, a not optimistic and go to a few times, and then the decoration master good communication on the details of what you have to do a modified copy.

so, if we’re going to open a beverage shop, there is no need to consider joining the way, after all, the beverage stores is indeed small business, but the profit is puerile, if using the way of joining, motionless that hundreds of thousands of fees, this is not an ordinary investors can bear not more, you can return the short term. So, Xiao Bian suggested that the opening of the beverage shop do not join!

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