Make open noodle dish combination to follow the principle of what

if you want to open a business more prosperous shop, but is only a simple pasta business won’t be able to bring more profit for the shop. So, the more abundant food security will become a popular business noodle. However, if the development of the relevant dishes but also plagued many people, in fact, is related to the principles can be observed. Then, make open noodle dish combination should follow the principle?

is one of the ultimate combination of dishes should reflect the noodle shop location, as the restaurant dish combination is the performance of the restaurant menu. The development of restaurant dishes portfolio based on the analysis of market positioning is based on four principles can be followed:

, a combination of dishes to be consistent with the style of the restaurant.

restaurant style is the most obvious restaurant decoration. The restaurant style is another important aspect of customer groups, in fact, noodles in China in both north and South are the ages, important is the combination of other dishes like roast soup with, cold dishes, halogen, and other aspects of the restaurant dishes to consider adding Home Dishes and other flavors. The last one is the combination of the dishes and the whole dining process of the restaurant, the restaurant’s main purpose of the customer groups, the general purpose of dining or family or friends, such as small gatherings.

ordinary dining in the composition of the dishes is to consider the benefits of small poly on the primary consideration of characteristics. Of course, the characteristics are to be considered regardless of the elements, as well as profitability. We have a special profit estimate. In line with the style of the restaurant and consider the profit is the first principle of the combination of dishes.

two, dishes to consider the combination of dishes flavor.

Chinese "100 in the vast territory and abundant resources, different wind, ten different custom", it is eight cuisine, but in fact this dish that dishes have little to say. If it is a large restaurant can be a specific combination of special. Of course, a small noodle shop in this area combination is not obvious.

three, made a signature dish to determine the advantages.

Of course,

series is the specialty of noodle soup. Just like the stone pot soup Sibao "(contains a bowl of soup, and Sibao: Fried Eggs, food flavor shredded meat, elbow flowers, fish balls, and according to the customer’s personal taste can Sibao zero collocation, is mainly designed for office workers). There is a point to be mentioned, is the specialty, specialty has two meanings, one is the signature dishes, and the other refers to a number of high-grade dishes, a restaurant in these two dishes must be.

four, dishes combination of unconventional settings unusual.

this is a bit more complicated, and unconventional is not an easy one

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