How to open a children’s photography shop in rural areas

now more and more opportunities in rural areas, a lot of friends tired of the city’s working life, want to start their own businesses in rural areas, children’s photography shop is a good choice. Now, the country’s spending power has been improved, a lot of entertainment and lifestyle consumption, rural residents have had the ability to accept. Children’s photography shop in rural areas can also get good prospects for development.

Analysis of

operating conditions: rent a 50~100 square meters of shops in the downtown area, calculated by 200 yuan per square meter, 1~2 yuan; buy children’s photography special clothing to 20 thousand yuan to 10 thousand yuan; decoration; digital camera is calculated by 10 thousand yuan, 10 thousand yuan please photographer and other expenses plus the whole investment in the 9-10 million. In order to reduce investment, but also can be separated from the studio and store. Rent a 20 square meters of shops, rent a 60-70 square meters of studio, is the cost of the pavement can be reduced to about half.


1, store location

2, decoration points

3, clothing

now the parents love to take photos of children, rural young parents also love fashion, to children’s photography store pictures with children is often the case. In rural areas to open a children’s photography shop is very promising, you want to shop friends can start from the above points.


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