Former migrant workers to return home to start their hometown rich

there are many migrant workers in the city among the staff, especially some idea of the rural people, after entering the big city horizons, have begun to return to their hometown to start a business and the rich, many of them are successful.


have money to do business

Woye 100 in Croplands in the northeast of Chongqing, located in East Sichuan parallel ridge valley between Liang Ping County, known as the eastern Sichuan basin first dam "Liang Ping dam", known as "Chongqing barn" say. Ten years ago, the local profits and taxes of $20 million brewery is the only one on the table of "big business", but the traditional agricultural county in recent years, the successful transformation of the transformation of the "characteristics of the industrial county of the county", the transformation of the "five"".

Liangping County Party Committee Propaganda Department

successful fight in the outside "nouveau riche" who has the money to do business, which has become one of the characteristics of entrepreneurial liangpingren. Chongqing yesterday the foundation of Juyuan stainless steel processing project, He Youcai is the chairman of Huilong County, more than 20 years ago. Make a city, creating a Hebei Changjie real estate development company, Chongqing Choi Hong Kong construction services company.

do dot matrix display panel supporting the Chongqing charish Display Technology Co. Ltd. for BMW vehicles, but also for the success of Sun Xiangmin and other workers returning to create. Today, its R & D, engineering department, dozens of people are almost excellent college graduates.

charish for Geely, Lifan, Simon recommended

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