Shops can let people take pictures

hard to open a shop, decoration and in accordance with their own ideas, after a good, there are people to take pictures, this is a very common thing in current society. See a supermarket can take pictures of the debate, Affirmative believes that the decoration of the shop layout, are exclusive, can not take pictures; the view of information sharing, unfair competition does not fear the candid.

trade secrets, refers to the technical information and business information which is not known to the public, can bring economic benefits to the obligee, and has practical and confidential measures taken by the obligee. The business secret is the property right of the enterprise, which is related to the competitiveness of the enterprise. It is very important to the development of the enterprise.

I think we according to their own preferences, business scope, site layout of shops, have their own ideas, contains their wisdom, here more or less is not willing to let others follow the "secret". In addition, the operation of other varieties of their own shops do not necessarily have, these are proprietary, others have no right to take pictures.

Although the

layout is the specific implementation of shop operators, has no real sense of the cost, but the operator paid the effort, this effort is the layout and decoration costs, we shall enjoy the exclusive right. For the layout of the shop, the furnishings of the goods, the operator is a waste of time, others want to learn or imitate is to go through the consent of the owner. People who want to follow and take pictures should have scruples and respect for the work of others.

creativity is wealth, an idea can sometimes create a brand, but also to bring economic benefits shop. In the market competition, is often a creative, have satisfactory effect. Therefore, a creative, reflects the operator’s effort, there is no reason for others.

how to decorate the shop, everyone will have the mentality of the idea, if not through the consent of others, the results of the work of others will be wanton shooting, which is undoubtedly a kind of disrespect. In addition, the shop is a business site, there is no need for people to take pictures. Learn to say no to the photographer, I personally think that this is the store exclusive rights".

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