Shanxi launched along with the line to promote the development of rural tourism culture

features Shanxi, unlimited scenery! In order to make more people aware of the beautiful scenery in Shanxi, Shanxi launched the first rural tourism Internet platform, the major attractions in Shanxi information placed in either Linfen or Taiyuan yaomiao Jinci, will attract more visitors attention, so that more people will feel convenient with oh.

"Oh with

" is the first set of resources, services, social networking, entertainment and investment in one of the rural tourism tourism initiated the Internet platform, sharing mode, using the unique "shepherd system" effectively activate the rural tourism resources, tourist attractions and links to promote employment.

"do you want to go on a trip to a local destination, released in" with Oh ‘, there will be many well-known attractions of the local people, shepherd rob single, according to the needs of your private customized travel plans. You can also use other people’s travel plans directly, or sign up for an official release." "Oh" founder Yang Jianliang introduction, the model can guide the visitors to actively participate in all aspects of rural travel, eliminate the differences in language and culture, really solve the tourists, travel, travel, shopping and entertainment and guide problem.

with the oh another important feature is the use of its cloud ax big data function mining data value, visitors will be able to explore the resources in the travel together to develop two packaging.

the butt of rural tourism, agricultural products and other resources and business platform, let farmers at home in the mountains will be able to sell agricultural products, sell a good price, but also open up the channels for financial capital investment in rural areas, make good Internet projects in rural areas, rural areas make a good project to go out.

in Shanxi has a lot of natural landscape, can attract people’s attention, people in the travel can edify sentiment, increase the new understanding of the world, and can learn more knowledge. Along with the on-line, to people’s lives has brought great convenience, won the recognition of people.

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