What are the support of the week to join the fishing pot

hot pot business in the industry have to mention a brand is Zhou Yu pot, with its own strength has become a hot pot in the field of well-known brands. Today, Zhou Yu is a government from product development to logistics distribution through-train, advanced management norms, a galaxy of talents hundreds of stores, the chain business enterprises. Chongqing hot pot catering culture to the world to make unremitting efforts.

join the Zhou Zhou fishing pot to provide what support? Zhou Yu pot to join the business to provide eight professional support:

a, brand support

Zhou Yu Fu Chongqing will join the annual Hot pot Zhou Yu Fu to continuously improve the visibility and influence by powerful newspaper media advertising, visual media advertising, magazine, industry participation, the way to get honor.

two, site support

1, the headquarters will discharge support staff of business circle analysis and evaluate the field of preparation.

2, store design and equipment support.

3, store design in principle by the headquarters of the unified design agencies, the construction of the construction of the franchisee can choose independently, you can also choose to cooperate with the headquarters of the formation of the strategic cooperation of the headquarters of the company to cooperate.

4, in addition to distribution, the headquarters will provide the corresponding equipment manual guidance and support.

The layout design of the

5, the headquarters of the kitchen.

three, human resources support

1, the headquarters to the franchisee to provide staff recruitment process, training help, job settings, employee handbook, a series of human resources support.

2, headquarters for the franchisee to provide new employees (including managers, franchisees must participate) in the headquarters of the training and internship opportunities, the cost borne by the franchisee.

3, joining the party if the requirements of human resources (management personnel, technical personnel and service personnel) by a written application to join the party, agreed to by the headquarters, according to the headquarters for arrangement, support and for a fee.

4, after the opening, the headquarters will be regularly or irregularly held on-the-job training.

four, operations management support

1, before the opening, the headquarters will provide plans for the implementation of the opening shop.

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