Pension services industry to do heavy service

  with the arrival of the aging society, the government has a number of policies to allow the pension industry to usher in business opportunities, but only focus on long-term business services.

, a number of policies for entrepreneurs to clear the way

1, 10 beds can do pension institutions   registration procedures simplify

"opinion" clearly pointed out that the pension services to encourage individuals to hold the family miniaturization, pension services to encourage large-scale social forces, the chain of. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the 10 beds can do pension institutions, but also canceled the funding restrictions. If a disabled elderly want to make a living in the elderly to take care of their own to take care of more than the elderly, or want to try the pension service industry business, to carry out pension services in more than 100 square meters of the room, before may seem very reliable in the future, this kind of entrepreneurial projects in the pension services industry will be encouraged and recognized. Pension services to reduce the threshold to open the door to more people.

in addition, the new deal pointed out that to carry out other pension services or product development and production, is a for-profit business unit directly to the business sector registered private non enterprise units is a non-profit to the Civil Affairs Department of direct registration, pre approval to cancel the social forces to invest in the construction of the pension agency project, the implementation of record system. This means that the entry into service pension industry entrepreneurship eliminates the cumbersome approval procedures, operation simpler and more flexible, the pension industry will enter the market operation, the change of pension service is charity industry concept.

2, a number of preferential policies for for-profit nursing home     more credit and social capital to invest in pension services

provisions in the new deal to the relevant administrative fees levied by the construction of for-profit pension services, water, electricity, gas, warm and enjoy the nonprofit treatment, according to the price of living out. Domestic and foreign capital to provide pension services to enjoy the same preferential tax policies. In the past only non-profit pension institutions have tax and other preferential policies, the introduction of this policy to for-profit pension service agencies have more money to improve service quality, expand the scale of services, leaving more space for the development of institutions, but also makes it possible to have and nonprofit pension services fair competition the opportunity.

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