17 years Dongguan will launch a doubling plan

2017 Guangzhou city government in Dongguan what new initiatives? At a recent meeting, the Dongguan municipal government said on the implementation of key enterprises to carry out the scale and benefit of "doubling plan, so that more companies can get benefits, and the majority of entrepreneurs support, let more people see its future development.

Dongguan city should take "doubling plan" in economic work in a very prominent position, strong support for the growth of enterprise content and intensive transformation, in order to supply side structural reform as a guide, to speed up the new energy into the main direction to improve total factor productivity as the core, vigorously implement the "doubling plan", to enhance efforts to promote the total amount of expansion, industrial structure optimization and efficiency, accelerate Dongguan’s GDP over trillion yuan, to achieve a higher level in a high starting point.

"doubling plan" will be made in accordance with "the selection of excellent, excellent training and strong" principle, within the city from private manufacturing enterprises, high-tech enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises, has been listed or listed on the new three Board companies listed on the reserve and other four categories a total of 200 enterprises for the pilot. The support through technological innovation, the development of headquarters economy, promoting mergers and acquisitions, development of service oriented manufacturing, to strengthen the integration of industrial chain, strengthen capital operation and intensive means to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness, and strive through 3 to 5 years, to promote the pilot enterprises to achieve economies of scale and efficiency multiplier.

on the basis of this, the establishment of "200+N" support mechanism, N for the reputation of pilot enterprises, key enterprises the main business income of over 5 billion yuan and in accordance with the development orientation of Dongguan city can be directly incorporated into the industry, enjoy the same treatment pilot enterprises. At the same time, to lead the demonstration, drive the towns Street (Park) the implementation of town level "doubling plan" to promote the Town Street (Park) to 1000 to implement enterprise multiplication. Strive to 2021, the city’s industrial level of intensive promotion, the realization of the pilot doubled, to enhance the supply, a good development trend of a comprehensive breakthrough.

in the pilot, Dongguan municipal government will increase support for enterprises to provide advanced equipment and technology, to help more enterprises to realize the technology and equipment upgrades, on the supply side to increase efforts to support the intelligent manufacturing services, boost the economic development of enterprises.

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