A rich strawberry

from the self-employed to self-employed entrepreneurs, Liu Hong in the entrepreneurial initiative to use their brains on the road, the courage to pay, so that a small strawberry became his tool to get rich. I also gain wealth and pride.

"I kind of strawberry is popular not only because of good taste, and has no environmental pollution, can eat without washing off!" January 12th, the reporter in the town of Dingtao County, even the village set a strawberry picking greenhouses, interviewed Liu Hong is busy greeting customers. Liu Hong planted strawberry picking greenhouse for 4 years, a year to a new level, become famous for rich hotshot, this and his courage, daring Ganpin character is closely related to pay.

"due to the lack of experience, the first year is gone!" Liu Hong told reporters that the first year of their strawberries grow well, but did not earn money, like serving as a child to serve strawberries, then got a big harvest. But because the publicity is not in place, most people do not know that here we have a strawberry picking garden, and finally only sell cheap supermarkets and shopping malls." Liu Hong said, seeing the strawberry to rot in the ground, he worried not eat, can’t sleep sleep, but one by one the stores and supermarkets to sell their strawberries, "not too cooked our strawberries too, is too difficult for the students, in short time is beyond count, I couldn’t help crying I thought, why is it hard to do business."

"but second years is losing money." Liu Hong said that because of poor management, he rarely strawberry results, the customer has, but no strawberries, really anxious dead!"

turn into "strawberry king"

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