Hebei Province new technical staff undergo constant social entrepreneurship

is a kind of social security workers, once choose entrepreneurship, this one is it is difficult to give up part of the social security. However, in Hebei Province, start a new policy clearly stipulates that the technical staff does poineering work from social security unchanged, which greatly encouraged more people to choose entrepreneurship.

notice, all professional and technical personnel and institutions from the entrepreneurial intention, I to submit a written application, does poineering work from project book, approved by the audit unit, signed an agreement with the unit does poineering work from professional and technical personnel and institutions of Hebei province does poineering work from filing form by the unit "fill in".

the original unit to stop does poineering work from personnel salary, retain their human relations, continue to pay pension, unemployment, medical and other social insurance unit for the normal promotion records of wages, retain their right to participate in the selection of experts, professional titles, job promotion and other rights.


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