Men’s underwear shop why not run

underwear in the clothing market is everywhere, and the store’s business is basically very hot, many people in such a background on the desire to open a men’s underwear store. However, unlike women’s underwear, the majority of men’s underwear business failure. So, men’s underwear shop why not run? Let Xiaobian to you.

men’s underwear shop "MAN" (men) reported that when the Hangzhou first male underwear shop has attracted the attention of many people, "MAN" is a professional operation of CK, Looksee and other well-known brands of men’s underwear, its unique location is striking. However, after a period of time that keep going by painstaking effort, "MAN" male underwear shop has disappeared, the store also by the addition of businessmen took over.

coincidentally, in March this year, Fengqi road opened a Verbid’s male underwear shop, which sells underwear mostly taste type. However, the worse luck, just a few months, Verbid hung out "the shop" sign.

the two lingerie shops have played "Hangzhou first professional male underwear shop" banner, but also have to mismanagement in the end, is not the male underwear shop no market in the city? Why is it so hard for this business?

[failure sample]

sample 1: MAN

is located on the ring road, opened in April 1, 2004, mainly engaged in Pierre Cardin, Look, See and other brands of underwear pax. The owner should be at Rouen mall, he believes that the unique "MAN" should have the market. But not long after, Lu began to experience the hardships of Entrepreneurship: not open the market, the high price of money and rent his breath. Seven or eight months later, it took a lot of effort should be Rouen Hangzhou first man underwear shop is facing the dilemma, posted a notice of transfer.

sample two: Verbid

is located in Phoenix Road, opened in March 18, 2005, at the beginning of the franchise Verbid (Forbidden) brand underwear. The shopkeeper Miss Fang made a market survey in the shop before the discovery of men’s underwear at the time of the Hangzhou is not involved, but before contact with the Shanghai Verbid brand that Miss Fang left a deep impression on its design and unique positioning. Therefore, Miss Fang chose this venture. Just 5 months later, Verbid also raised the transfer notice.

[case analysis]

two lingerie shop right blank of the male underwear market. Indeed, in the high-end men’s underwear, Hangzhou Xianshanloushui no opponent, but.

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