Xi’an elementary school students to reflect the management of the mayor to clean up and received a r

hosting class is every city will see the scene, a lot of parents will send their children into custody class, only to make more time for themselves. In Xi’an, a property to prohibit a number of custody classes, to the people’s life has brought great inconvenience, a 11 year old child wrote a letter to the Xi’an municipal government.

a news caused social concern. Some media reported that a residential property in Xi’an issued a deportation order, away from the clean-up of 18 managed classes. The parents of the students think that the property property that the owners of complaints be beneath the human character, child custody class nuisance, destruction of public facilities. Some of the class is therefore responsible for the dissolution of some of the custody of the class moved to the place, the night moved to two or three in the morning, some of the class to fight guerrilla".

see media reports about hosting classes, Beilin District of Xi’an Dragon King pool of the fifth grade primary school students Zhang Jiamiao, decided to write the way through to the mayor for help, help to solve the difficult problem of hosting students. Zhang Jiamiao wrote in the letter, more than 50 students in our class, most of whom are unable to take care of mom and Dad, was placed in the neighborhood of the school’s private custody class."

class students know that I used to write for other things to Grandpa Xi Jinping, also received a letter from the State Bureau of letters and calls, let me also give them something to write to your uncle." The girl wrote in the letter.

A letter to the mayor’s office of the

children, truthfully reflect the situation, and in the second days of receipt of the letter, which is February 23rd, you received a letter from the mayor of Xi’an, in reply, the mayor of Xi’an, said that as soon as possible to solve. Let more people see the efficiency of government departments.

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