The area around the deli opened a monthly income of million easy start

summer heat hot days in June, has just begun. Many housewives have to smoke away from the bitter smoke away from the kitchen, for the convenience of the map instead of buying all kinds of cooked food. Hot summer, has become a food store sales season.

according to the forest owner, 30 thousand yuan will be able to open the deli, gross profit in 30%, month million yuan is very easy. The boss itself does not cooked, starting from the initial decision to open the delicatessen, he will find relevant information, many food brand comparison, and personally to the market investigation, goods than three finally cooked outside the forest brine.

"Deli in the area around the good taste, do not sell leftovers, not Quejinshaoliang, don’t worry about business." Speaking of the shop, Lin boss has his own business: first, we must choose a strong brand, and now the market competition is very intense, there is a reputation of the project easier to do. Two is the store to clean and concise, high-end decoration is not necessary, but do a good job is necessary to open a good health food shop. Three to warm and sincere service to customers, to attract customers ability, a dollar business should be taken seriously.


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