The discovery of gold is not an idea e waste recycling

Now we live in the age of

is called the information age and the electronic age, people’s lives are filled with numerous electronic products, mobile phone, computer, TV and so on, these electronic products discarded after seemingly useless, but someone found special opportunities from electronic waste recycling, has become a new business idea of gold.


according to the Ministry of industry and information technology statistics, the number of mobile phone users in China has reached 1 billion 146 million. In 2014, the domestic mobile phone shipments of 425 million, while only 56 million 980 thousand of new subscribers. This group of data show that China’s annual production of a large number of idle mobile phones.

but allow these obsolete electronic products idle at home, not only a waste of resources if things go on like this may also affect the health of their families. The first is the enormous waste of resources, e-waste is a resource was put in the wrong position, should be re recycling, like a lot of old mobile phone was eliminated only because the style problem, reuse of these styles can be refurbished, and also can be recycled, by use of some electronic components damage electronic products. Secondly, these e-waste will have pollution, long idle for family health hidden trouble at home, a large number of e-waste contains toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, if handled properly, not only seriously affected people’s health, but also long-term retention in the environment, caused by persistent pollution.

In fact,

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