Takeaway O2O light mode heavy mode third party platform

O2O takeaway restaurant chapter

O2O is just a form of business, summed up three points: cost, efficiency, service.

catering is the Internet industry is very deep, from the initial buy, scheduled to now the most fire takeaway. The main reason is the food and beverage industry market is very large, but there are fierce competition, the current labor, electricity, rent, raw material costs. Catering enterprises are faced with how to improve efficiency and reduce costs, many food and beverage companies hope to O2O.

a year, catering enterprises especially foreign chain catering enterprises to sell more and more attention, because the author engaged in takeaway industry, has a very deep experience, the first half of last year for the chain enterprises on delivery, either directly or refused, said a meeting to negotiate. Rarely able to negotiate and cooperate. But in the second half of last year, a lot of chain active contact takeaway company, take the initiative to take out. Because the business is difficult to do, hoping to find a solution through O2O. The simplest is to open the takeaway cooperation.

takeaway meets the three points we mentioned O2O: cost, efficiency, service. In the restaurant business area case, increase the number of meals, reduce indirect costs (rent, personnel costs fixed); by allowing customers to order in advance, to avoid the food hall peak, improve Houchu a meals directly improve the kitchen efficiency; takeaway is brand extension services, namely reducing customers access to customer service difficult Restaurant (room the home office, 9), and do not need to go to the shop to enjoy the service.

restaurants do takeaway difficult: how to get a takeaway volume


restaurant to promote their own development and cooperation with the third party platform.

how to make the delivery service and shop work orderly docking

According to the

decision ability and takeaway meal kitchen single volume, if the kitchen after meal ability, takeaway single volume, can arrange for.

is your team or third party, send and send the


if the restaurant take away a large quantity, close to the distance, you can consider their own team, if the amount of a single comparison can be dispersed and the third party team.

takeaway third party platform article

O2O now take away from the beginning of last year, in boosting capital, more and more heat, some amount of financing platform have soared from millions of dollars, tens of millions of dollars to hundreds of dollars. According to my understanding, this year in the takeaway O2O market will have greater capital access.

takeaway O2O platform currently exists in the main focus of the form: the first one, hungry, the United States to take away the platform of the back flow model, that is, the light mode, only to provide orders for businesses, by their own distribution. The second kind, like home food will, I point, such as self built platform, their logistics team model, that is, heavy mode. Third, like dada, Mr. Feng special do errands for food service enterprises, the current charges.

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